Another Aspect Of Our Cold Civil War

Another aspect of our Cold Civil War

I have been on an INTERNATIONAL DATING SITE, seeking female FRIENDS with little confidence in finding a marriage partner. I have seen how our little Cold War has gone beyond the USA. Made contact in an at first pleasant way with a Russian woman. Little pleasantries and then she blew at me with a bunch of pro-trump crap. Byyyyyyyyye!

Then there was the Filipino in South Korea. Sounded nice until I made some disparaging remarks about trump. You know, like he’s a sonofabitch. In the chat she was laughing at me then started to ridicule me a bit and …….. BYYYYYYYE! 

Today an American sent me a message of, “Hi Scott I like your smile”. I told her I practice it a lot and then … checked myself. Uh oh… “trump good or trump bad?” I asked. 

“Trump good!” She replied.

“We would definitely be any kind of a match due to my being very Liberal. Happy hunting!” I said and …


It’s a world thing, as you see. 

(I am quitting that site soon and going back to the Atheist Monastery I came from)

Dumbing Down And Control

Dumbing Down And Control

I recently mentioned to a friend that foreign governments and our own people encouraging Americans to not believe in Vaccines to prevent disease and death are analogous to the ancient siege ways in which besiegers of a city would catapult diseased animals into a city to sicken and kill the population and make it easier to take over. 

Our own people are doing this NOW by dumbing down the populace. Encouraging them NOT to believe in science and things like global warming/climate change. For many rich and powerful this is good for them. Secures their positions and possessions. By weakening the population with Ignorance and Stupidity. Belief in the stupid. The world becomes less livable with millions stuck in poverty and weakened unable to show any opposition to the rich and powerful that encourage them to believe in the Stupid that sickens and kills them. 

Religion has been used this way for as long as humans believed in any gods. Keep the populace stupid and ignorant to control them. Just as denial of science does. 

Trump and company are NOT truly religious people but they try to ACT it. They are on board USING RELIGION to have more power. Making a MOCKERY of any good that is in religion and faith in any deity of good. They use SOME religious people to keep power and wield it – just as leaders of old. The religious will often fear or hate atheists/non believers but people like trump and their ilk are far worse than most atheists: They take on an ACT and MOCKERY of religion and piety whereas a true non believer will not and do good “for goodness sake” and have a moral compass and some code of honor. Trump does not. He is an insult to the true believers of religion. Just as many rulers of old. A game. 

Stupid beliefs and views are so much like catapulting diseased carcasses into besieged cities to kill and sicken many. The disease animals are the sick stupid ignorant beliefs that sicken, weaken, drive insane and kill the populace. 

What the GOP and trump are trying to do now to stay in power no matter what it may do to you and I and all people in the USA and planet. 

Modern Witch Hunts

In some primitive societies witchcraft is alive and well. NOT that anyone actually practices it but the ACCUSATIONS OF SUCH are the “witchcraft” involved. Women are accused of this or that and then stoned beaten and burned alive. As are some men. The accusations are trumped-up or made-up accusations that get people killed. Someone wants to get rid of someone or is jealous of someone and so they make such false accusations about it. 

NOW we have this in the USA. 

It was once something extremely fringe but now it is mainstream in the right wing of USA society. Instead of being witches people are accused of being pedophiles. It is the worst sort of crime. Second to that is rape but that is a primarily a man thing in a male dominated society and so many men get a pass – although much progress has been made in that regard. 

When ANYONE is accused of a crime no matter how wild the accusation is, there is a question in the back of the minds of some about no matter how innocent that person is thought to be and how good and decent MAYBE… MAYBE they did it?

In our society, things can escalate so that instead of clubs, pitch forks, axes and machetes, people go to the internet and troll with great malice. Expanding and energizing the accusations which become similar to beating someone and setting them aflame…

Like in more primitive societies. 

I have to wonder how far from those other primitive societies we are now. SO FAR we have not had public hangings, stoning’s and beatings. We just do it on the internet. 

How long before the modern technological converges with the more primitive of say… New Guinea?

DECADES past someone made wild accusations against me for a crime. A crime that I did not commit. I went to the police and did all they asked me to do. I was eventually exonerated in that the whole thing just fizzled into obscurity. Yet for all the time of that ordeal, I wondered how many people wondered IF I had done what I was accused of. If I WAS some secret this or that? What was I hiding? I was hiding nothing. I was open about all giving evidence of innocence. It worked in my favor yet I felt although I had unanimous support from family and coworkers, there were shadows of doubt in the backs of people’s minds. 

Was I possibly a witch?

See how it works?

Accusations. Whispers. Seeds of doubt then louder accusations and a gang and mob forms in a small village or a monstrous village of the internet.

(Yeah you were wondering here. No there was nothing sexual in what I was accused of. That person still owes me a huge apology but they do not have the courage and decency to give it. All we can do is learn from it not be like those people. Rise above it.)

Empathy For The Opposite Side


I am as white as white can be in the USA. 

As blue collar as WHITE blue collar can be, working in a factory.

If you look at me with my shaved head, I could be a buddhist monk or… a Neo nazi. 

I Identify as a LIBERAL.

Although that is my self-designated political identity, I CAN empathize with and understand how the OTHERS feel and are. Those other white folks that hate folks like me. The same kind of people that own the company I work for and that I work with. 

I can EMPATHIZE with THEM when I hear the people next door talking SPANISH all the time. Or people in the grocery store. Or see some woman with a head covering or a man with her dressed a little differently. I can hear the SHADOW murmurs of bigotry in me muttering about “dammit the language here is ENGLISH!” Or, an impulse to ridicule the woman with the head scarf or any person that my SHADOW self deems to be what THAT SHADOW SELF views as not traditionally “American”. 

I have a harder time empathizing with any whites that want to say bad things about blacks. To use that filthy “N” word I take pride in NEVER HAVING CALLED ANYONE! Not even in my most angry moments with any person of color. Theirs or mine. It has always shown people to be LOW to me. There have been times when I felt disgust with a BLACK coworker for how he is … but I have NEVER called him the “N” word like a fellow worker often does or refers to him as such. I understand WHY they use THAT word. It is to make the OTHER more “OTHER” and dehumanize them and thus REMOVE ALL CHANCES FOR EMPATHY. It breaks the human connection and bond they do not want. They want to continue hating because hate is difficult when you feel some connection with someone and see they are a little like you. That  Mirror Image Of Humanity. 

When I HEAR and SEE that SHADOW person inside myself resenting people very different from me, I reach for my INTELLECT AND RATIONAL THINKING. I remember the DIVERSITY of this country and how there have been WAVES of immigrants over the years from all over the world. My ancestors among them. I am sure groups of them were spat upon in one of those waves.  I think of how this is what the USA is made of and has been made of: ALL. ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Every place. Every religion. Most languages and cultures. Some hold to them proudly and stubbornly and often add them to the melting pot of the USA. I remember that the American flag is NOT ONLY red, white and blue: It is the color of every skin every eye every heart and every HUMAN that comes here. Unlike the SHADOW self bigot I could become, I see the USA as BEING the IMMIGRANTS that try to come here legally or illegally. The voices in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German or Canadian that come here. Sometimes walking through my neighborhood I smell America and wonder in my bigoted way laughing at myself…. “Who in the hell is eating GARLIC at 8AM!”.

That is the USA that is rational and REAL. 

It goes far beyond the shots of SHADOW bigotry I and so many others think and feel THEN LET GO.

Because in a way that is part of us but we DO NOT BECOME THAT.

As that bigotry BECAME so many in the Right Wing.

Reflections On The Vietnam War After Watching A Documentary About It

In the past 2 days I have been watching the documentary film series by Ken Burns: THE VIETNAM WAR. I was a child during the 1960’s. Born in 1955. My memories of that war are memories of what I saw on the television and the culture and life of that time. The war shadowed everything. It was a vague distant thing. “Vietnam” was some obscure place far away. I recall no feeling about the right or wrongness of it. It was war and it was CONFUSING because it was not like what I had heard about  World War II. Black and White. At the same time there was the civil rights movement that added more confusion. I never had any black friends at school. They were DIFFERENT but there were never any racial incidents with anyone I knew. I never called anyone “nigger”. It was just a very rude word. It was easier to learn to say “fuck” than that “N” word. There was also a survival aspect to it: Where I lived if you used that “N” word on someone not white, you got your ass beat 😉 Yes I live in the North.

I never served in the military. The draft became a lottery system when I was in high school and ended soon after. IF I had been drafted, I probably would have been rejected for mental problems. I was mental wreck at that time. Even though I have never served, the war of that time, the culture the whole shitty mess of it has followed me. The older I got the more I learned about it. The documentary is merely a refresher course about it. It is a very good BALANCED documentary with views from all sides. What it shows is the stupidity and insanity of that war and perhaps ALL wars. It makes me think of all little wars since that time and of how the USA has never learned anything from the Vietnam war. The USA is still in Afghanistan. There are vague sounds of war talk in Washington DC now. Possibly a war with Iran. It’s like we Americans cannot help but choose stupid people to lead us and send our youth off to die stupidly for nothing. If this were a course taken in school, the USA as a student would get a failing grade over and over because the same stupidity is repeated over and over. 

The oldest of those that now lead the USA are men that got out of military service. 1 man, dying of cancer was a decorated fighter pilot and eventual POW. In a very sick way, HE of all people was ridiculed by the president WHO WAS A DRAFT DODGER! A coward. THAT is what the USA has come to now. How soon the USA forgets the lessons of the past and thus may so easily send more of it’s youth off to die while old men that have only seen wars in movies, urge them on. 

Why Not A Peace Parade, Too?

On Veterans Day,  trump will have a military parade. It is my belief that the best way to counter  a military parade that would seem to celebrate death and destruction and NOT honoring Veterans, is to have a counter parade: A PEACE PARADE. My generation that now ruins the USA had (ironically) PEACE MARCHES to protest the Vietnam war. A war trump and others in his administration were able to get out of serving in. Bolton, a war monger is one of them. Since trump loves to play the entertainer like some ancient Roman emperor throwing games for the people, the People could out-do him with a more ENTERTAINING event than a military parade. Something joyful, that at the same time honors veterans and embraces them, welcoming them HOME as so many did… welcoming them home with peace, compassion, empathy and healing. A Peace parade to try to avoid any more of their comrades, sons and daughters dying in another futile stupid war as we keep on having… as we had with Vietnam.  Trump and his regime would love to send more Americans off to another war (it would seem to me). Perhaps with a Peace parade, we can in some small measure forestall that and have a world with fewer Veterans. Fewer widows, orphans and people ruined by the effects of war in body and mind. What epic schadenfreude to ruin trumps authoritarian chest thumping with an alternate parade celebrating all that is good, calling for and encouraging a peaceful USA and world.



It’s an awkward amusing thing for me as a liberal “white” American these days: I POLITICALLY trust ANYONE that is not the same shades of white or beige that I am more than those that are.


As human’s – it’s much the same for everyone to me. People to people. Or so I try.

But with my fellow white folks, POLITICALLY it’s a guessing game of trust. I try to see, sense and feel them out about their politics. IF they support trump and his regime or not. If they are pro right wing and trump, I am guarded but friendly. My laughter is slightly fake due to some unease with them.

“Politically” with non whites, I feel I can speak freely my political views and trust them to most likely NOT be right wing or trump supporters because trump and his regime have shown… these people have more to lose with THEM running the country.

There is an odd joy at times.
A Relief:
I can relax when I see a woman I assume is muslim in the store.
I can relax when I see a young brown skinned man I may have shied away from in the past due to some mutual racial distrust. Now, I feel a political trust. A Connection. I can say, “TRUMP IS AN IDIOT!” and I know that THEY will laugh at it with me. A shared joke and and connection. A tribal thing. Hey we are on the same team.

I have come to love diversity in the USA. I never appreciated it more than I do now. The candies are not just one color or flavor. THEY ARE MANY! That is in my political tribe. The other tribe… the right wing? They just have those white candies to eat. So boring!

I try to imagine what it is like for non whites non white anglo saxon christians to encounter someone that looks like I do and may wonder, “ok is this one of THEM or one of US”? Because these days my whiteness can make me look just like all those other white folks that worship that idiot god in D.C.

I suspect there is a sense of relief when they find I am pro Diversity. Pro… so much of what THEY and WE are in favor in life. What a DIVERSE NATION is in favor of and VALUES.

To me race is a delicate subject. I CARE about it. As an atheist I may not like religion but as long as someone does not shove it in my face I am good about it. To each their own. The same with what language you speak or where your recent ancestors came from. I care about how those different than I feel. Even those whites that look so much like me but sound so different when they talk and think. THAT I think is what sets my tribe apart from the other: That caring and not caring at the same time. Caring about the PEOPLE but not giving much of a damn about … what makes them and us DIVERSE. Things that could separate us but now … JOINS US.