Was looking for my coworker Jim today. Had some wood for him to machine. When I found him he said that he had been, “Doing god’s work”.  I did not know what he was talking about. Assumed he was talking about some bible stuff. Spreading the word of the gospel and all that. Maybe going out and preaching to people. No, he said he had been pinching a loaf. Taking a dump etc. I finally understood: “Oh you were DEFECATING! TAKING A SHIT!” He said yeah like he said, “doing god’s work”.  I was laughing. Ok what did god have to do about going toilet? Was he taking a shit for god? I told him every other word he says is “fuck” and he gives me that stuff about GOD?

It did make me think.

Maybe I have been wrong about what some religious people have been meaning all my life. When they said they WERE doing, “god’s work” what they meant was they were GOING POOP! Ohhhhh wow. All those years all those religious people that were NOT out proselytizing but GOING POOP! All those people that came to my door to do “god’s work” were there to use my toilet for god! 

Now when I hear someone talking with passion about how they are doing GOD’S WORK! I will nod and go ohhhhh I know that you have to GO POOP FOR GOD! 

Got it. 

Later in the day I said to Jim, “If going poop is going poop for god, who are you pissing for? Jesus? The Holy Spirit?” He could give me no answer but did laugh with me. 

I told my boss about it and we agreed that in another country and with another religion, saying anything about god and defecation in the same sentence would get that person stoned and or killed.  Christianity and the USA… what a weird mix. Add to that red neck stupid. 

“Sin” And An Atheist

It’s a funny thing.

I sit here with maybe $7 in my checking account. In a way, that’s a good thing because this morning I threw all BUT that $7 at my debts. It is to atone for my sins.

My sins against myself.

Sure I’m an atheist but there IS a thing I believe is “SIN”.

To miss your mark.

To Err.

To fuck-up in life.

So what do you do when you do all that with your life?

You pay for it or try to if you have any honor, maturity or decency and a desire to raise your head higher.

I fucked-up a lot in life.

In that, I have been a “sinner”.

Not in any religious sense but a LIFE sense.

I have sinned against MYSELF. 

But I want to feel better about myself and make it right. Make life right. Prove to myself …

Screw it.

Nothing to prove just…

REDEMPTION for my sins against myself.

You see religious language is a part of life and culture. So many of us grow up with it. The language is a part of our life but the MEANINGS of that language change or become more adaptable to our own lives.



I have sinned against myself many times. Yet I am a man of CONSCIENCE and that too is a part of the language but a word rarely used in religion but more a life word. I use it a lot because I see so many lacking it.

It has nothing to do with any god.

It has to do with your Self as a good person or a pile of human shit.

I am a good person of Conscience.


I sin and I seek redemption within my own Conscience.

Because of it.

Where does “conscience” come from? I believe it’s a DNA thing or learned, like HONOR.

What matters is that when we sin



If you have any good any conscience in you,

Reach for redemption. 

Make yourself feel good about yourself and … the world.

I know it sounds arrogant but… and hope there are others that feel and live the same way as you in that.

But without as many fuck-ups.