Marijuana Now Legal To Use In Michigan (in 2020)

Tuesday night, November 7, the voters in my US state of Michigan, voted to make Marijuana legal. No this does not mean that people can rush out to a drug store and get “pot” as I like to call marijuana (shorter name). I voted for it. I DO NOT SMOKE POT NOW but did long long ago in the past. 

This is stunning to me. That I would see something so vilified for so long but so harmless legalized in my state. I smoked it in high school and probably DID hurt my brain because I was so young. I smoked much of it back then. It was relatively cheap then. Inflation and time have made it very expensive to me. Even at 1971 prices I would be reluctant to. Buy it now. I look at the price of cigarettes and alcohol and think how expensive they are for things that do not last long. I had some good times with pot as a kid. Later I did some stupid things with the material and quit having anything to do with it. I realized too, I was spending too much time … stoned. 

I have nothing against pot. Just how some use it. I don’t like being around stoned people. Or drunks. If I want to hear stupid people I will just listen to old memories of myself in my mind. 

This whole legal marijuana thing is amazing to me. How for SO LONG it was illegal and now it will be legal. Great way to raise money in taxes for the state. People will be eager to buy the stuff and not care about the tax on it. Cigarettes and alcohol are taxed so this makes good sense. 

My boss will be a millionaire probably by 2022. He grows pot legally to sell for medicinal uses. He can expand his operations fast for this. 

The law will allow people to grow something like 12 plants for personal use. ONLY able to smoke it in their own homes not in public. I like that. People will be ticketed for using it while driving. It will at the same time create less work for the police. Allow them to focus on REAL crimes and criminals. It’s a win win. It is going to be good for the tourist industry and great for those that make snack foods 😉

There are going to be many new millionaires from this. My boss among them. It will kill the criminal need for it and put many out of business. Or the criminals will just go mainstream and be legit. Like the old prohibition days in the US. 

If we are all alive in 2 years, it will be strange to walk down the street smelling a lot of marijuana smoke coming out of many houses. LEGALLY.  

I think that IF I want to try it again, I will go to a shop and ask for something with a very low potency to it. Like the pot I smoked when I was a kid… 47 years ago. It was weak back then compared to the stuff now. Why would I want weak marijuana? Because I do not want to get very high. Just a little. Not fuuuucked uuuuuup like I did a lot of when I was a kid.  It would be nice to listen to classical music stoned. Ahhhh listening to an opera and grinning ear to ear…  how very cool.

Rainbows And Darkness

The darkness hunts the rainbows after the rains

Above the waterfalls

With murderous intent

The darkness 

A sickness beyond night, 

Envelopes the beauty

Tearing at it with 




And bombs.

The darkness tears at the colors of the rainbows with hate




The rainbows fight back



Then reforming with courage

Colors of love



And kindness

Saturating the darkness with bolts of lightening


“You cannot kill us

Destroy us

We are the humanity hidden deep inside your darkness

We are the colors that make you human no matter 

No amount of hate you shoot us 

Bomb us

Beat and knife us with

We are the lightening of life

Rainbows you cannot destroy

Because beyond your hate anger and fear

We are the Light hiding within your darkness. 



I see advertisements for headphones and ear plugs that all have superior sound. They all have the best clearest sound. What the manufacturers do not consider is HOW MUCH OF WHAT IS PLAYED CAN BE HEARD.

Because most of us have some hearing loss.

I have worked in a factory for 41 years. The worst noise has been the screaming loud radios people have played. Heavy on bass. I am the only person that has worn ear protection every day. I often connect it to an iPod these days but try not to play the music very loud. At times I played a mix of music and white noise to block out the horrible loud music around me with the loud machines. It makes me wonder, how much hearing loss is there with my coworkers? When the music and machines are silent and they are talking, they talk LOUD so they can hear themselves. 

At times, people have noticed that after work I talk louder. Part of my problem is that I have tinnitus and as a result I have constant noise in my head. 

I often wonder how much of the sound around me I can truly HEAR. 

How much of the music can I hear?

What was music like to my ears when my hearing was better as a child?

Ah…. To hear with the ears of a child and the mind of a man!

People often play music loud and never think of how some day they will not be able to hear the leaves crunching under feet in autumn,

The snow falling softly on their winter coat

The sand whispering under  bare feet walking along the beach. 

What does a bird singing truly SOUND like?

What does the wind say when it passes your ears and sadly too late

You realize you damaged your ears too much

To hear the secrets it can whisper

The sound of the rain 

The sound of someone coming up behind you

We developed hearing as a survival mechanism and so many of us destroy that sense

As we destroy our eyes by staring into things never meant to be stared at

How much can I truly HEAR

And you?

What do you believe you can hear after torturing your ears and mind so long with noise?

I wonder… 

I wonder…

What is hidden behind my lesser than others hearing loss?

What are the men that shout to hear themselves after work missing in the simplest sounds around them?

If my mind is fading…

Do I shout inside 

To hear my own fading thoughts?

Dumbing Down And Control

Dumbing Down And Control

I recently mentioned to a friend that foreign governments and our own people encouraging Americans to not believe in Vaccines to prevent disease and death are analogous to the ancient siege ways in which besiegers of a city would catapult diseased animals into a city to sicken and kill the population and make it easier to take over. 

Our own people are doing this NOW by dumbing down the populace. Encouraging them NOT to believe in science and things like global warming/climate change. For many rich and powerful this is good for them. Secures their positions and possessions. By weakening the population with Ignorance and Stupidity. Belief in the stupid. The world becomes less livable with millions stuck in poverty and weakened unable to show any opposition to the rich and powerful that encourage them to believe in the Stupid that sickens and kills them. 

Religion has been used this way for as long as humans believed in any gods. Keep the populace stupid and ignorant to control them. Just as denial of science does. 

Trump and company are NOT truly religious people but they try to ACT it. They are on board USING RELIGION to have more power. Making a MOCKERY of any good that is in religion and faith in any deity of good. They use SOME religious people to keep power and wield it – just as leaders of old. The religious will often fear or hate atheists/non believers but people like trump and their ilk are far worse than most atheists: They take on an ACT and MOCKERY of religion and piety whereas a true non believer will not and do good “for goodness sake” and have a moral compass and some code of honor. Trump does not. He is an insult to the true believers of religion. Just as many rulers of old. A game. 

Stupid beliefs and views are so much like catapulting diseased carcasses into besieged cities to kill and sicken many. The disease animals are the sick stupid ignorant beliefs that sicken, weaken, drive insane and kill the populace. 

What the GOP and trump are trying to do now to stay in power no matter what it may do to you and I and all people in the USA and planet. 

The Choice Older Kinder

Older, Kinder

The wisdom of Age is to practice and learn to be kinder

More empathetic



Patient and accepting of others. 

I have a coworker that is mean angry old bastard. He is full of anger and has a short temper. I often compare myself to him and ask if I am like him in those ways.

No I am not.

I have had a choice to be and grow to be what I wanted to be. To be like this or that and I chose the road to kindness. Lovingkindness. Empathy. Compassion. 

My father was an angry hateful man in his old age. I have asked myself “is that how you want to be?”


I have realized I have a choice. 

A choice of what to PRACTICE TO BE. 

All we do is practice.

We repeat it willingly. 

We brain wash

We LIFE WASH and train our minds and selves to be this way or that way.

This ways and that ways of choice or…

Sometimes we just get too bent and broken in one position and stay there.

I realized I have a choice.

 I have always had a choice.

 When I was angry I had a choice to be angry or look for peace. 

When I was afraid I DID try to find a way to find peace and …

Afraid so much

My life’s mission became a mission to change to be peaceful 

To be a hunter for life of THAT WAY and THAT WAY OF BEING.

It was my choice.

Others could have but did not and they knew it. They made a conscious choice.

I don’t want to be an angry frightened hateful man.

If I could be young again,

I wouldn’t want to be an angry frightened youth again. 

I learned that for some of us it CAN be a choice. 

This old man chooses to love. 

To learn, practice and live love, kindness, empathy and compassion.

I have learned it is simple: As a choice, kindness FEELS better than anger or cruelty. It is liberating. It is so much more enjoyable to SMILE AND LAUGH and keep on practicing that with a free heart free laughing loving spirit …

Than that other opposite choice. 

War, The Ultimate Human Insanity

Let me give an example of my view of human insanity by how I and many other male children played when I was a child:

We played as soldiers. Or those who we saw on TV or in the movies. There were many such entertainments. Television shows about war. Dramas and comedies about war. The military. My friends and I would get toy guns and plastic or real helmets and play war. Wounded and dying without any idea what such was like or about. For us, a skinned elbow or knee. Death? A road kill morbidly stared at uncomprehendingly. I recall cowboys and Indian play but mostly WAR play. SOLDIERS. For some reason it was always the “Germans” we fought against with nobody knowing who they were. The bad guys, I guess now looking back. My best friend and I played with dolls. MALE DOLLS. SOLDIER DOLLS. We played with toy soldiers. War with plastic men in the dirt. I look back baffled by it all. My father had never been in the military. A friend’s father had. Yet none of us had any idea what WAR and KILLING were about. For YEARS every night on the TV news, there was news of places where US soldiers, airmen and sailors died. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. There seemed a huge disconnect between PLAYING that soldier stuff and real people getting killed and wounded and killing and wounding. 

My childhood was filled with a CULTURE OF WAR.

USA had it and has it and yet so few DO IT.

I was vaguely aware of some horrible thing called, “The Draft” but I was probably too divorced from reality to be shit scared of it. So many others were. By the time I was old enough it was safer. The draft was winding down. That lottery and then it was no more. AFTER I graduated from high school. 

I look back on my life and see that I grew-up in AN INSANE CULTURE OF WAR. 

The ultimate insanity being Nuclear War. 

I recall not knowing what it was when I was 7 years old but recall the horrible FEAR of it all around me. In my parents and everyone. A fear that was everywhere in everyone it seemed. It was a fear that made the whole world grey like falling ash. Once it ended, the world let out a collective sigh of relief and we went back to black and white then lives of rich color. 

I have realized that as a child I ACCEPTED the whole WAR thing. Fighting, dying, killing, maiming and being maimed. As I have grown older like religion, I have questioned it all. I was once a believer in a god and Jesus as a christian. I accepted it all as the way things are.  Then with questioning and knowledge, I lost belief in it. It was insane to me. 

In the same way I came to look at the USA and WORLD about WAR. WARS. How INSANE it all was. How insane that society promotes the sale of toys in which kids PLAY war. These days there are video game in which people kill and blow shit up. It is a high tech version of my play as a child. I admit I have played, CALL OF DUTY. I have asked myself WHY I do it? There is a fascination in watching how I feel when I play it. There is nothing real to it. Cartoon-like. Yet it shows killing and the player kills. DESTROYS. 

It is is part of our insanity. 

Predominantly MALE insanity. 

A part of me is insane or SICK that I find some thrill and fascination in it. There is no reality to it that would sicken me to war. No body parts and blood except for the little red here and there. It is sterilized. Let’s not make war look horrible. 

Which reminds me of the TV series of when I was a kid. Black and white TV shows. Bang the body falls. No blood. Noise and maybe music and the bodies fall. Ok this is war… not so bad. 

NOW all this is insane to me.

Society TEACHES this. 

We promote it. 

We encourage it with our gun culture. 

Our culture of death and destruction we lie about saying guns are only for self defense. 

How many KNOW the horrors of war?

So few and of those few I suspect they never want to see others live and die it nor experience it again. There is probably a disgust with video games that show it and trivialize it. 

Maybe (thinking aloud here) that “trivializing” of war is what makes it palatable. Likable. It’s ENTERTAINMENT for most Americans.

The fireballs that killed so many Japanese were those yellow very strange looking people. Nuclear weapons are what happens to someone else. Like war and violence NOT US. Thus, it is trivialized. 

The Germans and Japanese are now the most peace loving of people having had their countries nearly totally destroyed by wars. The Germans never had any nuclear weapons used on them yet they remember FIRE BOMBINGS of places like Hamburg and Dresden. Thousands burned to death. 

Few Americans know of all this. Any idea any REMOTE idea of the horror of it. The Germans and Japanese rarely play at war. There is a memory that now seems genetic of the horror of it all. 


Over and over the USA has WARS. There have been no just wars since the Korean War and even that I now question. The Vietnam War was a war of choice as were all other wars. Not patriotic. Nobody was fighting to SAVE their country or DEFEND it. The reasons for the wars were all lies. 

There is an INSANITY in Americans and so many HUMANS that they seek and glorify what is nothing but killing and destruction. Yet we promote it. Glorify it. 

NOW we have people that lead us that more than any other time in our history promote and love WAR. Trump has canceled a treaty limiting nuclear weapons and wants MORE CREATED! It takes 100-300 nuclear weapons to destroy all human life on earth. After that, MAYBE some very primitive life forms can exist. Trump has promoted the USE of nuclear weapons without realizing that any bombing of any other country with nukes by the USA is suicide. The end of the world for ALL. 


From the insanity of war and a war-like culture to war ending life on earth.


Trump has millions that support him and thus supporting him, support his INSANITY. His possible ending of all life on earth or at least all human life. A man that got out of the draft during the Vietnam war and has no qualms about sending others to die or killing all of us. AGAIN – and those that follow and support him have no problem with him about. 

It is all insane. 

Like children playing anything about war.

Toy guns 

Kids tramping through the suburban fields acting like they are wounded and dying

As somewhere in another part of the world

Real children with real guns

Do fight

And do die. 

It is all insanity.

Men often think of women as the weaker sex. Yet women are not raised to exalt killing. Yes we see them hunting but it is not a normal way of life. A love of weapons and machines that destroy and wound. So many women are taught to nurture and grow and to me… this is a stronger sex. A SANER SEX. 

When I think of the sanest aspect of humanity, I remember…


To me the most complex highest form of art humanity has ever created. Second to that is classical music. Symphonies and orchestral pieces. Smaller pieces fewer players. HUMANS that compose. Write music. 

We have poetry. 

We have prose.

We have visual arts.

Yet visual arts that become poison when they PROMOTE OR TRIVIALIZE WAR and not paint it sing it or shape it as the sickness and insanity it IS in our society and in all of us. 

I Don’t/I Do Believe In Ghosts/Monsters

A ghost don’t scare when you don’t believe in ghosts

Don’t believe in a supernatural

Don’t believe in any heaven or hell        or, 


Or Gods.

A ghost can scare

When you see it in the shadows

Then look in it’s face

A sociopath

A psychopath

A human monster without conscience

A ghost monster in the flesh.

A ghost monster in the flesh can scare me

Imagining how slow

How horribly 

How painfully it can kill

Prolong the agony


Sacrilege to living body and mind

How horribly

It can torture and slay the ego

All we were 


And believe we will be remembered for 

Or were

Or were not


Perhaps to make us disappear 

As if were never born 

Or lived

Anonymous in some unknown shallow grave.

Yes I believe in ghosts

Real ghost monsters clothed in human flesh

Surrounding a horror inside without conscience

Ghost monsters we see every day

But don’t see 

Or let themselves be seen…

Hiding in their darkness


Leaving it to surround us inside with that darkness. 

I Overslept In Life

I Overslept In Life

I drank the drank

Drugged the drug

Took the trips into waking dreamlands

Waking up in squalor and pain

Years from when I started

I realized…

I over slept in life

I lost years




As I sleep walked through life

For years

Waking up

Spitting bloody sand from the desert I woke up to inside

And swore I’d never sleep that way again




a sleep walker.

Free of it all

I embraced sleep

I embraced my waking hours

Savoring every normal desire

Every normal night dream

Free of bloody 


And cries

In the daylight 

And years that passed by with zombie eyes

And demonic desires. 

Invisible Man/Visible Ghost


He hung himself on his front porch

Broad daylight

Car passing

People walking past

Nobody noticed the body hanging from the porch roof

Nobody heard the man gasping

The rope creaking.

Nobody saw

Or maybe wanted to be the person that admitted they saw

But dared not care.

After the body of the man was cut down

The cars passed

People walked past

They all heard it in the air hanging under the porch,

A man gasping 

(Or was it the wind?)

A rope creaking

(Or was it a nearby tree?)

As they passed where the body had hung writhing under the rope

Something they did not see,

They saw it in their minds

Deep down inside

A vision 

They lied about not seeing

Gnawing at where conscience might once have been

A sound 

Sawing at their consciousness

As they passed where they had not seen

A man hanging

And now

Inside forever seeing


A man 

Hanging deep inside themselves. 

Reflections On Facebook

Reflections On Facebook

I was recently one of the 30 million or so Facebook users that got hacked. I noticed it due to some odd things in my account. Suspicious, I ran a check and found some device not mine was watching. At first I changed my password then on reflection, canceled /put a DELETE on the account.

Then started a new one.

As of this writing, no friends on the “friend” list. 

I have thought about that whole “friend list” thing. 

I take it seriously. I live in wonder at how people can have a list of over 10 friends. Myself included. It demeans and makes a mockery of that whole word, “friend”. What ARE those HUNDREDS of people or names on some “friend” lists? They cannot be “friends”. Or perhaps that is what some think of friends as being: People they do not know on a list as a small image of a face or something else. 





Wall papers of faces on a page on the internet?

Who do you TALK to ?

Who do you trust?

Who do you feel you can turn to and open up to on that … “Friend” list? #317 or #42? Right: They are no numbers but names and faces. 


Facebook encourages people to show themselves.

Some let it all out it seems but that is often only a projection. 

Some are so hate filled.



Preaching … happiness … materialism… a way to live…



I got caught up in the political posting thing. It becomes to me a sick ugly thing. Ego. Anxiety and anger. Snarky humor.


Return and return to “Ego”. 

The Face Of Our Egos social networking site.

Frail ?





Loving and kind

Confused and searching?

Probably all of the above. 

Again I return to that whole “Friend list” thing. 


What do we mean to them?

Do we give a person on our “friend” list our attention or just have them as window dressings for our egos? Do they MEAN ANYTHING TO US IN OUR REAL LIVES? Do we think of them, care about them their lives in relation to our own?

I believe that NOW with a new Facebook account I will be sure to ONLY add or seek out those that have MEANING to me … and I to Them. 

That to me is what REAL Friendship is about: MEANING AND CONNECTION. 



Being there for them and they for me. 

Being in lives

A part of me 

A part of them.