When I was born,

I fell into place.

When I was crying in school,

The tears 

The horror

That put me in the psychiatric hospital

Fell Me Into Place.

Falling down drunk

I fell into place,

LIFE fell into place.

Being stupid

Being smart

Rarely cruel

Often kind

It didn’t matter when I think about it all now

Because in this moment,

It All Fell Into Place. 



Screaming in rage

Trying to forget

It means nothing

Meant nothing

Because looking at this MOMENT

Fuck it,

It all fell into place. 

Good luck


Suffering and sublime

It never mattered

Except in every moment nothing good or bad

Painful or joy


Because no matter the drama

The tranquility

It never mattered 

Because it did not matter

As I fell

Life fell

That moment 

Fell into place.

As I looked down into that hole in the ground

Felt the weight of the earth pressing onto my dead body

My soul,

Sensing the grinding of rock upon me

I felt back on all my life

That moment of life

That moment of death

Nothing really mattered 

Because for a moment

There was that feeling of earth and rock

Finalized like every moment between


Falling in place, 

In It’s Moment

My moments

And everyone’s … Moments.

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