Sometimes I feel lost

Without direction


NEEDING Direction.

I look inside and find no answer 

No Way

Then I think to look around

Look for someone


Perhaps a  person

Or a group

To show me the way

A way in which I do not have to think

A way in which some other guides me

Directs me

Without that conflict 

That confusion 

Of where to go

Who to be

Of where I am.

Maybe a god

A leader

A parent could show me the Way…

A way in which I don’t need to struggle 

And just be told

And just be shown

And just be guided

Without thought

That creates such confusion and Struggle.

Then shaking my head

I push away the confusion

I look around and know I am not lost

I am here

The direction is any which way I am facing 

And that struggle is part of life

Is the way I need to be


To go

To Be

Without any son of a bitch to lead me 


Leaden eyed

And deaden eyed. 

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