The ghost you felt was watching you from the corner 

Or closet

When you were a child

Was you

After you had left all corners

All closets

And become merely the essence of you

After you had died. 

That Presence you sometimes felt

In a room


Or in a crowd

That presence you sometimes felt

But never saw

Watching you 

As you looked for it,

Was you

Watching you

From a different time

When you were gone

But you,



That made you cry in the dark with mind numbing fear

Was you

Watching you

Feeling you

Remembering you

Reaching out 

To comfort

But instead… 

Being your own unreasoning fear. 

As you stand over your remains

Watching them decay

That horror

That sadness

Gives way… 


As your ashes swirl in the breeze

Become One with the Wind, 

Your body rotting

Becomes a tree

A weed

Food and life for many 

You have become

Witnessing it all

Watching your life

Your death

Your life again in so many forms


Suddenly Feeling AGAIN,

 One long moment as you are conceived

Screaming like the ghost you are 


And will be, 

That flash of life 

That flash of life as you die

That flash of life and death as you are born…

As One

As many … dying but ALIVE!

But Always Too the ghost, 

That presence of you beyond you

Watching you all your life

Through your death. 

Through your birth…

Over and over … Again.)

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