(This may not qualify as poetry. I admit it. It is just something that happened to me today. Dropping words in this manner can explain a feeling)

Sitting in my secure place at home

Battered by waves of terror

It should be safe here, right?

But it isn’t.

Concussive waves of fear batter me 

I rock in my desk chair

I want to put my hands to my head to stop the waves of fear

(But it won’t do any good will it?

Unless you put your hands INSIDE your head). 

I was driving to work and the road lost all reality

I tried to turn around and 

Got lost in my mind

Trying to find the road back

But here I am 

Trying to keep out the waves of fear

With my hands 

Inside my head,

Trying to cover the holes in my head 

Keep the fear 

The terror from entering this head room. 

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