This afternoon as it was about to rain, I got this brilliant idea to get a STICK for my bird. I had cut a limb off of a tree a few weeks ago and that limb was like an animal carcass ready for the feast! Cut off a bit here and there and use it for… THE BIRD!

I did some rough measurements of about a half body length and got A STICK. I a nice rough with bark STICK with a few short branches on it. I placed it over the bird cage on top of some other sticks. I watched as the bird stood off swinging in a window. I moved away and the bird bobbed and craned it’s neck. Big new thing for it! A BIG STICK! Sure enough the bird flew up on the cage, hopped over some other sticks and investigated the new big stick. Part of it as thick as half my wrist. Ahhhh true joy! A stick to play with. Chew on and run around on! I sweetened the deal by putting a smear of peanut butter on the thick part it seemed to fear. Ahhhhh true love! PEANUT BUTTER TO DIG OUT OF BARK POCKETS! 

I was thinking about that stick and bird tonight. I have spent probably near $200 on various toys and things for that bird. Bird stuff. Fancy ropes and ladders. Toys with bells and bangles.  Of all that expensive stuff that I got for the bird, what does it like the most?


Sticks I cut and use as perches. Bird loves to play and chew on them. Good for toenails and beak. NATURAL stuff. Did not cost a thing! 

It reminds me of how when I was a kid… the best toys were….


Nothing store bought.

Nothing as advertised.

STICKS that the IMAGINATION can turn into magical things. Guns. Swords! Anything held by an actor in a science fiction or fantasy film! A STICK could be formed with the imagination to be something great! Something like nobody else could see but once you told them what it was and made the right noises… it was real to you!

I have it I see it but nobody else can see the worth and wonder of it but I got this… STICK!  Didn’t cost a thing except a cut with a jack knife making it personalized. Like a bird chewing on a stick 😉

Birds are eternal children playing with sticks. Outside, living in a stick world of play and survival. 

I wonder… so selfishly… did trees evolve for birds… and kids?

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