Sometimes I forget my Identity
But who and what I truly am in this life.

It is an identity I learned
I realized long ago.
An identity I often tried to reject
to cut it from my skin 
and burn that bleeding parchment in fire. 

It is an identity I remember
that Awakens me
That is ME
shining inside,
a light seen through my wilderness
I reach for
pull it around and feel it’s comfort
it’s often insecurity 
but who I truly AM,
My Identity…

It is an old comfortable pair of shoes I can never throw out
in the realities of life I shy from
I fear from 
then it comes for me from inside
rising like a fog
a new skin
my original spiritual Face
and for a while
I am so ALIVE
Being who I truly AM in life
But so few can see
Or I am too shy to let see
a man of visions
that grew from a terrified lonely child
a man of visions,
that took that fear and loneliness
and created 
his own IDENTITY
so often a secret to myself
so often never witnessed by those 
and the world around me.

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