(I am an atheist but this is what I would believe as any kind of god in my life)

This Is My God

When I feed my pet bird and give it comfort

I feel joy doing it.

It does nothing for me but exist as itself

The joy comes in that existence in my life

And the joy of giving to it and nurturing it.

That moment of “joy” is the only god I know.

When I talk with someone and we share something to smile and laugh about

A joyful moment

There is my god.

When I do a kindness to some person or thing without asking or expecting anything in return, 

There is my god

A spark of joy 

In giving 

In helping

In perhaps making another life better. 

When I set a bowl of water out for some creature of the night to quench it’s thirst,

KNOWING it will help something

I feel joy in that

There is my god.

When I spread some matter on my lawn that trees can use for food when decayed, 

I feel a small joy

A tiny spark

Knowing that that will have done some good.

When I pour water on the ground near some trees and know that the roots will suck it up

And help the tree

There is that spark again

Of joy in a moment knowing I helped another living thing. 

When I give ANYTHING unconditionally

Words and 


In positive nurturing ways

And feel no desire for anything in return

There is a small joy

A spark

There is MY god

When I ask what I can do for others 

And find an answer

Live an action, 

There is my prayer

And prayer answered

In selfless action

And a moment 

A spark of Joy INSIDE 

As my reward.

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