Today at the grocery store,I asked the kid bagging my groceries how old he was. 16 he said. The man checking me out laughed and said that at 16 he was firing Kalashnikovs! He was a Russian immigrant. It was part of his schooling long ago. The kid bagging the groceries said that he liked guns. He liked them A LOT. I felt quiet rage growing. I wanted to ask him if he had ever SEEN OR FELT what a bullet does to a body. Did he know the horror or being shot at? Of having a friend killed near you? Of being shot in the guts and knowing that bullet was going to bleed you out ? Did he know SHIT about violence? I am sure he did not. He was all talk and spoiled white boy USA. Yeah he loved guns. Turn one on him and would he go piss himself? I made a sarcastic comment about how the AK is a great machine for killing and that is all. Not good at any distance but good for splattering bullets around you at short range. Bitch boy spoiled brat of 16 would not know that. Not know the pain of a bullet wound. Not know the crippling of them. Not know the horror of it all. It’s all movies and video games hey kid?

Hey kid, you ever had bombs going off around you?

Ever seen a person blown to bits near you with their blood and body parts splattered on you? 

Not cool or cool? 

How fucking real!

Yeah and a barrage of artillery slamming you around no matter how deep you dig. Coming up for air all you can do is scream until your voice is gone. 

Pretty cool aye spoiled American brat?

Ever seen your family lined up and killed with an assault weapon?

Hey kid not cool or is it?

Reality is the most horrifying thing. 

But you grew up on violence – OTHERS dying and you only getting cramps from playing video games. 

Wow guns are so cool eh kid?

I never had any experience of it but I do not and will not glorify guns. They are machines made to KILL. Not for some bullshit thing like… target practice. Targets represent living things. It’s all about ending life. Hey kid, you like to end lives? How valuable is yours? Some other kid may point a gun your way and then what? Guns so fun then?

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