I understand what it is like for women to receive dick pics in email or some other media. I got a taste of something sick like that last night.
From that international dating I added a south american woman to a chat app. Seemed like a nice person until I had to google translate all she wrote. She asked me some obscene questions like would I like to lick her… ok some hole on her body. I was disgusted and curious about the person. What was her thing her deal why talk that way to a stranger? I realized it is also the way some men probably talk to women. I told her my simple basic sexual likes – BORING due to I am not a kinky person. She sent me a breast photo. Ok seen those before but rare for a stranger to send me them. THEN she sent me a photo of her most private place and I was like what the fuuuuuuck? A WOMAN sending a man this stuff? It reminded me of how men sometimes treat women! She mentioned something about “goats” and sex. I thought google translated it badly or hoped it did. I let it go as just some very weird stuff. About an hour later while cooking supper, I got a call on THAT app and answered without thinking or knowing who it was. THERE on video was THAT woman with camera between legs masturbating. I am no prude and have seen much porn and gosh I had a wife and lovers in my past. But THERE was a woman contacting a man to show herself masturbating and grinning like hell when she did it. There are some pussies that are attractive and some that are not. Body parts and people can be works of art good or bad. This was very very BAD art. Dumpster stuff. I felt sick and turned it off and blocked her.

I now know how women feel about some of the sick shit MEN inflict on them. Empathy. Oh… I canceled that dating site for a while until I get desperately lonely again. I will side with women in that sexual stuff between people is fine when there is affection and trust. Otherwise it is mild sexual assault. Especially if the stuff is dumpster art 😉

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