Another aspect of our Cold Civil War

I have been on an INTERNATIONAL DATING SITE, seeking female FRIENDS with little confidence in finding a marriage partner. I have seen how our little Cold War has gone beyond the USA. Made contact in an at first pleasant way with a Russian woman. Little pleasantries and then she blew at me with a bunch of pro-trump crap. Byyyyyyyyye!

Then there was the Filipino in South Korea. Sounded nice until I made some disparaging remarks about trump. You know, like he’s a sonofabitch. In the chat she was laughing at me then started to ridicule me a bit and …….. BYYYYYYYE! 

Today an American sent me a message of, “Hi Scott I like your smile”. I told her I practice it a lot and then … checked myself. Uh oh… “trump good or trump bad?” I asked. 

“Trump good!” She replied.

“We would definitely be any kind of a match due to my being very Liberal. Happy hunting!” I said and …


It’s a world thing, as you see. 

(I am quitting that site soon and going back to the Atheist Monastery I came from)

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