I watch a romantic comedy 

Stone faced 


Like this old man,

Then my body convulses a little from my heart

Tears come to my eyes

A smile

And I am a young man again

For a moment. 

I go through a playlist of songs I’ve saved

Hearing a song I loved at 16

My body comes alive 

Like a puppet on strings

my soul like bronc horse rider

Trying to ride it

Lest it toss me down to a place I can’t rise from

Finally I control it

But my body 

My limbs twitch to the music

My throat becomes raspy 

Remembering how I’d sung along with that old song so long ago

I try to ride my body through that song

Old body rider riding that emotional young horse

Until the song ends

this old man breathing hard

Relieved his heart did not give out

Body riding that old song

That young mans song

Of an old man’s youth. 

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