Last night I dreamed that I was running. I have not been able to run in over 20 years. Some of the places I was running in were weirdly familiar, a mix of memory of local places. Reality and fiction pasted, quilted together. I did not feel my breathing. I did not feel an exertion. I felt movement looking around me. I was aware I was running. I was running at times very slow but I was running. Other times I thought oh I am running for 12 hours this is normal and I am faster than many others! I was often racing past people in such dreams. All this normal in a dream of a few minutes.  I awoke from the dream realizing that I often dream of running. Long ago I was a distance runner. It was the greatest joy I have ever had  – except perhaps the years when I had a dog.  I remembered having dreams many years ago when I WAS a runner, of FLYING like a bird. Jumping and my body floating to where I wanted to go. Like a balloon or human bird. At times I still feel I should be able to do that while awake. To defy gravity as I live.

Maybe some day when older, I will simply have dreams of being able to walk. Yes last night I dreamed of walking…

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