When I was a kid, I learned the basics of christianity and God. BOTH were ALL GOOD. Jesus was my super hero. God was all good. Then I learned reality after my teens. I learned it was all a good idea that was bullshit. Later, a good idea gone bad and made bad by the Believers of such bullshit. I DID learn or decide that if you are going to be a god or son of a god or something supernatural and be totally COOL, 


Be kind and loving. 



Help people and the world. 

Do little miracles of humility. 

Don’t go boasting about it. 

To be a super hero, be like my first naive views of the supernatural beings were. 

Be good. 

LOVING even if your voice was low and beat-up the bad guys like in later super hero movies. Super man was like a supernatural being. He did good. 

Our new gods of good are the Super Heroes from the comic books. Not only can many of them walk on water but they can fly. Somehow, Jesus morphed from a robed dude doing good to a caped crusader like Batman or Superman.


Now we have religious people that worship Insanity more than the original basic teachings of their prophets. They make shit up that is crazy and hurt people. Greed and Crazy become their gods and ruining people and hurting them become their super power results. So many are right wing politicians. 

We have signs of hope in Left wing people and politicians that want to save the earth, life on it and the people life. THESE are potential super heroes because of the GOOD they try to do. Sometimes I see them or read about them and I see a shadow of that Jesus and God I learned about as a kid. Not that demented crazy thing I saw later, perverted by the insane and insane preachers. 

I often see super heroes or read about them. Not in the movies but more in real life. Like my oldest brother that gave me an incredible gift once. THAT to me being true HOLINESS. He gave GOODNESS. When I see and hear about people doing simple acts of kindness and good, I see super heroes and a part of my mind that believes in a FICTIONAL JESUS see’s that dude smiling and nodding. 

All my life I wanted to be a super hero like others, like Jesus by simply doing good things to and for people. For life. Give life by watering a plant. Throw some compost out for trees to be nourished with. End a moment of loneliness for someone. GIVE UNCONDITIONALLY. Because if you give with strings, things get complicated messy and sick. Conditional giving is not true giving. Give and let go… ok. I once GAVE a used car to my first real lover. It hurt when we broke up because I gave the car with conditions. Yeah, love me and be good to me and don’t sleep with some other guy like she did. I could have lessened the pain by being a tiny super hero and just giving and walking away without strings. 

I hope that I can find the means to give more and let my ego shine for a moment feeling like a super hero. Little things. Nothing earth shaking. If I can do many givings it will not shake the earth but it will cause some nice ripples through life. 

Want to be a super hero?

Just give a little.


Show compassion and feel empathy. 

Love without conditions. 

LISTEN without giving a lecture afterward. 

Give a hug without making a big thing of it. 

Things I need to remind myself of. 

Yeah I can you can be a super hero. 

Like that Jesus dude I knew in my mind when I was a kid. 


Meh…. So much was conditional. 

Same with Jesus, later when it got complex but… you got the idea 😉

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