Freud believed that we have 2 instincts or drives in us: The death drive which he called,  “Thanatos” and the Life drive which he called, “Eros”.  We all have that in us. I have seen it with life affirming living and my own urges to destroy myself or live in such a way that I was going in that direction with unhealthy stupid life habits. 

I believe that humanity has such. We come together with such urges. For example POLITICALLY. In the USA we have the Republican Party and those on the Right or Conservatives that may talk about the “right to life” and are anti-abortion yet think nuclear weapons and the horror of wars are ok and justified. The majority of them are in denial of climate change/global warming. Beliefs that can lead to the death of us all and near death of the planet. Humans are often like complex cells that can turn cancerous with beliefs that will end us all or make a majority, miserable.

Trump is an example of a person that has a big death urge. NOT for himself but stupidly for society, populations, humanity and the planet. His death-urges influence millions. 

The left seems to be more genuinely PRO LIFE in how they want to save ALL life on the planet and not destroy it through wars or climate change.  They and their leaders are Eros or Life affirming cells battling the Thanatos cancer cells in humanity. 

Religion often claims to be life-affirming but … is often not. One religion’s or sect of a religion’s prophet or leader may be a life affirmer to that group but to others they are world enders. 

The battling urges in all of us of Thanatos and Eros are mirrored in our societies by the millions. Like cells within us. Hopefully the Eros cells, urges, people and beliefs will win out in we this universal mind. 

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