I don’t get it. 

WHY any person of any color of skin would think it funny to try to mock the color of another’s skin.  I am 63 and as a kid back in the 1960’s I thought that whole Al Jolson thing was WEIRD. My parents were not into it either even thought THAT black faced entertainer was of their youth. THEY never did that stuff. I remember dad got a rubber mask of the face of what someone thought was an African Native. That stereotype of huge lips etc. I wore it for Halloween but never thought of it being the face of a “black” person because it did not look anything like the kids I went to school with. Black kids or as people are called now, “people of color”. That mask became an EMBARRASSMENT. It was, like that black face stuff, WEIRD.  All that racial crap seemed stupid to me. IGNORANT. My mom hated “the Japs” because that’s what they did when she was young during WWII. I went to school with “asians” and they were just kids to me. Looked a bit different but I looked kind of weird to a lot of kids I think – any color of kid. Maybe I was fortunate to grow-up in a somewhat diverse school system. Back in the 1960’s there were a lot of movies with a WWII theme. Very bigoted. But I learned I realized that it WAS stupid stuff. From WAR. Leftovers. 

I see people with photos of them wearing black face or doing some other racial stuff and I wonder about them. What is wrong with their minds? I mean come on! I am OLDER than most of these people.  I wonder about them. Yeah and I AM VERY WHITE! How pure stupid can they be? What if they saw people of color wearing WHITE face? Wouldn’t that be a bit stupid to them? Damn… folks need to quit being stupid and grow up. EVOLVE. 

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