Today it snowed. I shoveled my driveway and then went across the street to do the same for a neighbor I have spoken to but once since she has been here in the past nearly a year. She graciously invited me in and was very hospitable. I felt awkward. Very kind person. I was a bit tongue tied and realized it is because I rarely talk to women and in these times in the USA many are cautious about their politics. There was a cautious give and take and I was relieved to find the lady was anti-trump.  I relaxed a bit. She has a daughter in her teens. I told her that the youth need to fight against trump because of THEIR future. I felt a sadness and still do, thinking of the world that my generation and those before us are leaving the kids of today. The fight against trump, the conservatives, the global warming denialists  is like the fight against the Vietnam war when I was a kid. BUT BIGGER. That was just A war.  

What a mess we are leaving the kids:

The oceans are slowly dying.

The planet heating up with future food and water scarcity. 

A planet sickened with chemical poisons and plastics. 

We are killing the planet. 

The bees that pollinate the crops are dying out and that will eventually create mass starvation. 

There is talk of a breaking point when nothing can be done to stop global warming. When the world will grow hotter and hotter to become another Venus. But that will take a while. 

I think of all the anti-science, climate change deniers, anti vaxxers. Those that reinforce and encourage STUPIDITY. I think of the religious fanatics helping to destroy the world with their STUPIDITY AND INSANITY and shake my mind in wonder at … what a world MY generation and others are leaving these kids. 

Sometimes I hear and or see children passing my house and wonder what kind of world THEY will have in 10 ….20…. Or more ? Years. Will they have lives of poverty and misery or will they be alive at all? Right now all life on earth is ONE TRUMP TANTRUM AWAY FROM NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION. More human stupidity and insanity is that the right wingers cannot see that. Or maybe their insanity reaches into nuclear oblivion for all life on earth. 

What can save these children and the world is for the idiocracies around the world to end. For religion to fade out an echo of stupidity. We need to leave fossil fuels behind and rely on renewables. Take the money we spend on wars and put them into carbon capture technologies. Create massive tree plantings. Instead of investing in ways to kill each other and the planet, invest in ways to save it. To save kids like that girl across the street and all her friends. All the voices I hear of the little people passing by. I look back on a childhood I once thought so bad and now realize it was wonderful. There was so much LIFE in the world 50 years ago. 

I hate to admit it but, the Old people, their greed and egos, are killing the children. That selfishness of “I” and I got mine and to hell with the rest. Killing future generations unless something is done NOW. 

Every day on the way home from work I see a sign on a lawn that reads, “abortion kills children”. I laugh and think, no, stupidity like that does. Starvation and disease kills more than any damned abortions. Want to save kids? Want to save the unborn? We need to remove the idiots that think god or gods will save us and not ourselves. 

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