Over the years I have grown to love classical music. More recently, Opera. At times I wonder why I love such music. Why I grew past the rock of my youth and now live on musics created by long dead geniuses. Brilliant minds, in my view. 

It recently came to me that it is often BECAUSE the people creating the music WERE brilliant. Great minds. Their talents incomprehensible to me, awing me in my listening to their musics and thinking about the intellects that could create such sound. Such BEAUTY. 

I often compare it to the drivel of todays so-called, “music”.  Rap and hip hop are not music to me. Music has notes that can be written. Chords. So much of todays popular “music” is ego driven masses of words without any meaning or true emotion. So much is angry and repetitive noise. 

Another reason I find myself embracing classical is a rebellion against the stupidity of the culture of these times. Year by year a dumbing down. Last year I recall reading a scientific analysis of how music is over time becoming more and more repetitive and simplistic. Copiers copying copiers. A loop of the ego driven stupid. 

I rebel against the stupid. 

Youth rebels against the older generations but as they do so their rebellions against that old “Establishment” leads them into the stupider. 

Just as MY generation and I did. I listen to the music of my youth and like the sound of it but also laugh at how stupid the lyrics often are. But even MY generation had MUSIC that could be written down, read and replayed that way by others. I remember music books with Beatle song sheet music!

I am listening to newish rock music as I write this. I accept that lyrics are stupid but it sounds good. A bit of candy but nothing… nothing that goes beyond the taste buds and into my soul. Nothing that transports the heart and other body organs of romantic speech 😉

When I was a youth I wanted to rebel against the Establishment of my parents. NOW as an adult I rebel against the stupidity of youth. Present youthful musics AND… the youthful music of MY youth!

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