Today after work I did a little grocery shopping. BAD time to go shopping. Hungry and exhausted. Staggering a bit from fatigue and pain in a few places. As I shopped I heard and old woman’s voice talking to someone. Her husband I suspected. A few minutes later I saw an old man trudging with great purpose and weariness down an aisle looking for something. Within a minute I saw an old woman sitting on some kind of cart. As I approached her I saw a woman stop and ask if she was ok. The woman smiled and said something. I got to her and made some little joke she laughed at. She said she was waiting for her husband to return. He was off looking for something. Remembering the man I had seen, I said I had just seen him. The woman told me she was 87 (Born in 1932)  and  that she was too old for shopping. I felt she DID enjoy it as a part of life. She complained of the store having coffee all over the place. I only knew of 1. I guess there were specials in displays. As we chatted or tried to (she was hard of hearing and did not hear half of what I said) 4 people stopped to ask if she was ok. I told 2 of them I had seen her husband. The old woman and I laughed about that. What was joyful to me was that so many people stopped to ask how the woman was. If they could help her. Different races asked her.  I thought about her. About she and her husband. Probably a long marriage together. I wondered about them. Their life together. What joys and pains shared. What sorrows. 

I realize now that she was much younger than my own parents.  My mother could have baby sat her!  She would have been a KID to my mother and father! For example my mother, born in 1924. My father in 1920. Mom would have been 95 this year and dad, 99 had they lived this long. Those born in the 1930s are VERY old and dying out. Those after beginning to. Even MY generation is beginning to die out. I always marveled at what my parents had seen. What progress. My mother never knew of iPhones having died in 2001. Dad may have heard of them but never seen  one having died in 2008. I remember the excitement of a black and white television when I was a kid. My parents knew the wonder of computers but never experienced them as part of their lives. They were distant things of wonder. I wonder what the last great WOW technology will be for me before I die. Perhaps nothing because even now, so much has becoming boring. Smart phones boring having  exhausted their WOW factor. Now the only “wow” factor are the prices on them. The same with computers. Even films full of great special effects. Robots are something I have lived with for much of my life in science fiction and now in reality. 

My parents grew-up with the wonders of nature they took for granted.  It was part of their life, especially my father. There were old growth forests and clean water in abundance. 

I think now of what would create a sense of wonder to me in my old age. What would be the greatest sense of “WOW” to me? Would it be some technological break through?

No. If it could be made to happen somehow… it would be to see old growth forests and waters that are clean. Air pure and fit to breathe. 

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