A child dressed as simply as a child can dress, entered a home for senior citizens, many with difficulties in moving,

Some, one step away from hospice care.

Without interruption, he went room to room. When the staff and workers at the facility encountered him,

He smiled

They smiled in return

Then let him pass 

And do, 

And say what he felt a need to do.

He went first to an old man and asked him what he would do if he could be young again

He growled 

Snarled and raged about the world about him….

The boy frowned slightly 

Touched the man’s forehead and smiled sadly

Feeling the anger, 


And sadness of a lifetime bottled up for so long

Held onto as an identity.

Room to room he went,

Asking the same question over and over 

Over and over 

Sometimes he left alone

Other times 

He left with wide eyed giggling children

Dressed in cast-off garments of Age.

Who found each other and left the Home laughing 


Bubbling with joyful life and ambition. 

Sometimes he left a room filled with a smile

A sad sorrowful smile

Then raised himself up and kept going… room to room.


When the Home was near empty,

He encountered a lone old man trying to make his way down a hallway in a walker.

“What are you doing here, little boy” He asked,

“Are you lost”? 

“No,” The boy replied, 

“I am here to see if you (and others) are”

“What do you mean” the old man seemed to moan,

Sighing into the frame of the walker.

“If you had a chance to be young again,

NOT start over,

But to be young again,

How would you live

In body and mind”?

“Well isn’t that the damndest question” the man  muttered.

The child waited…

Hearing the silence,

The old man entered it,

Reflecting on his life 

Then smiled with tears in his eyes and said, 

I would live every moment as-if it were my last

Respect and nurture my body and mind and those all around me.

I would practice, use and give all the compassion, empathy, love and kindness I learned

In this life

live it in my new life.

I would live simply 

Without fear

Without anger

I would embrace my new life 

My new world 

All people

With a love I never felt I could share as I got older.”

The boy smiled, 

Touched the hand of the old man resting on the walker.

His hand shook

He collapsed



A moment later, 


Shrieking with childish laughter

He dressed himself in the over sized garments of Age

And as a child of what would be assumed was 5

Left the Home

To enter the light of new home beyond it’s doors. 

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