How much is a laugh worth?

The kind that shakes the belly

Tears the eyes

Fills you with JOY for a thoughtless moment?

How much is a medicine worth 

That heals you for a moment

Releases you from all past agony

And sets you free

To fly on the wings of your shaking breath and body?

How much is it worth to be the creator of laughter

The joyful soul-freeing kind

That unites people in a family

A group

A tribe 

A World?

How much is that unconditional satisfaction worth to bring on the laughter?

How much pain in a few growling bellies remove

When the mind

Heart and soul

Are tuned into laughter

Into even the weakest grin for a moment?

How much is it worth to be in agony

Or dying

And groan more when someone says….

“Did you hear the one about____” ?

Then hearing it, 


Laughing out of the agony

Out of the dying



For but one moment free of it all

Yet a moment free you wouldn’t have had

Had you not heart a good joke

And had… a good healing laugh. 

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