When I was a kid I would see an advertisement for a movie and eagerly wait to see it

There was never any doubt I would not.

It was part of life.

Now days, I see the trailer for a movie and I go 


I want to see that!


I hope I can live long enough  to see that. 

It’s a funny way to look at life

I can’t die now

Or next year

In 2 years THAT movie will be released!

I have to live that long

And then I can see it before I die.

And then another trailer for another film I want to see comes out as I am dying…

Death comes for me as the opening credits come on…

Pardon me death

We can’t go for that walk

I have to blow that date off

I have a movie to watch now before I die

And another in the future.

Rattling a sigh of agreement, 

Death lets me live that long until the end credits

I  suspend my mortality 

So I can live long enough

To finish the movie

Death comes back to see me for a date outside the theater

Grinning I say,

Hey did you see the trailer for that new movie coming out a year from now?

This time let’s go see it together

Death reluctantly agrees.

We see the movie together and death clutches my hand ready to pull me away

and there is a trailer for another movie

One that will be released in say… 50 years time.

Hey death?

See that?

I want to live long enough to see that movie in 50 years.

Death throws up the popcorn and walks out of the theatre

(That’s another movie I wanted to see before I die, 

I whisper to myself laughing

And living as long as there are movies to see)

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