The owner of my company is a great white hunter. 

He is white 

He is great

He is a hunter.

He hunts those defenseless harmless animals that we in the USA refer to as “deer”. They have no weapons to fight back with against humans with guns, bows and arrows and maybe even spears. 

Poor bastards. 

Then again maybe deer are very harmful to some. Maybe some of them cause accidents by jumping in front of cars on the roads thus often killing or maiming themselves. (I saw one such very messy one today.) Ah and the fields and gardens they eat from! Oh and they over populate! STOP FUCKING SO MUCH DEER! MAKES SO MANY OF YOU TO POSSIBLY STARVE TO DEATH; GET KILLED BY HUNTERS OR DIE TRYING TO CROSS ROADS!

Where was I?

Oh yeah…

The owner killed a dear, had the animal butchered and brought the meat in to work offering the flesh to the workers. He offered me some of the brownish red flesh but I declined. I have fond memories of my father THE HUNTER. The “fond” part is of how dad would go hunting and go for a CLEAN MERCIFUL KILL. He would then honor the animal by using as much as he could of the animal’s body. Like the Indians used-to do.

I am not fond of deer meat BUT!


I wish The Great White Hunter would take up… TURKEY hunting. I love the taste of turkey. Wild turkeys have richer flesh than domesticated. The turkey probably finds it’s flesh very rich especially when the flesh is alive and running very happy living as a live turkey.  It would be great if the Hunter would enter the factory with TURKEYS he had shot or maybe just scared to death and offered me one. 

Hey I like CHICKEN TOO….

I can easily imagine (with much giggling) the company owner coming in with many chicken bodies and bragging about how he went to a farmers farm and SHOT HIM SOME CHICKENS! YEP! STOOD THERE IN THAT FARMERS CHICKEN COOP SHOOTING CHICKENS!

Ahhhh sportsmen, the Great American Hunter.

You know…. I like delicatessen honey roasted ham…

It would be cool if the Hunter came into the factory offering packages of honey roasted ham to people with … a farmer hunting him with a shot gun for shooting his pig, chickens and scaring those wild turkeys to death out in the woods…

Never tried ostrich.

Heard that is some amazing flesh to eat.


I need to go up to the company owner and say, Hey ___? Have you ever hunted… OSTRICH? Now I hear THOSE birds are some good eating and maybe they’ll let you ride them first then go BOOM BOOM!

Don’t think he would like that.

Probably think I was ridiculing him…. 

Like ummm now…. 

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