(Posted in a liberal group)


No I am not a troll. Bear with me on this…

We are closer than ever to a madman destroying us all so more than ever I am grateful to be ALIVE and not dying of radiation burns or sickness or just plain DEAD. ASHES.

I am more grateful than ever to those like you, the reader that stand-up to fascist bastards like trump and his friends and supporters.

AWARE that because of this sonofabitch being in office, life is more fragile and possibly fleeting than ever, I am thankful for the most simple of joys in life.

I am thankful for how the BEST in many of us is rising and manifest to counter the WORST that is trump and those that work with him and support him.

Trump as president is a near death experience for us ALL every day every moment. Along with the anxiety and rage of him AS leader, there is that profound gratitude of SHIT YEAH THAT ASSHOLE DID NOT KILL US ALL!


I am more thankful than ever for you and others – ordinary people – that stand-up to the rising fascists.

I look forward to a day when I don’t have to be so thankful for all the wrong reasons.

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