After work today I decided to buy a few items from the grocery story on the way home. I knew the store would be crowded but I accepted that. I expected it would take some searching to find a parking space. No problem except for my parking. In trying to give a woman next to me plenty of space to get out of her car, I parked too close to the next space,  in fact straddling the dividing line. I only realized it getting out. I joked about it to the woman next to me getting out of her car.  Laughing at myself I said, 

“Nice parking, asshole!” 

Then went in to shop – reminding myself to be more careful with my parking. As I walked back to my car after shopping, I noticed an odd piece of paper on the back of my car. I could see 3 words scrawled on it: “NICE PARKING, ASSHOLE!”

I dropped it in the lot. Let the person that wrote it see it 😉 As I drove home I thought and wondered about THAT person that had been so upset with my bad parking that they had to pause in their day; find a pen and a piece of paper and write me a note. Hmmmm it meant so much to them. I wondered what they would say to my face had we met face to face. I imagined several scenarios of encountering THAT person. Most of them humorous. I could pretend to be a foreigner and act ignorant. Ahhhh you are lover of your president! You hate muslim man like me! You make America great again! 

No I am not muslim. I just had to look at the mindset the attitude of THAT person. I had to look at my own. Another scenario was to ask them why it meant so much to them to give me a piece of their mind. To stand in the cold and find piece of paper and pen to write note to a stranger trying to insult them. Hmmmmm. 

I had to look at myself.

Yes it was a very bad parking I did. Ouch. Had I seen another person doing it I would have scrunched up my face and thought sarcastically (most probably) “Nice Parking, ASSHOLE!” Then looked at myself inside for thinking that. Empathy: Had I never done a bad job of parking?

I have.

So have others. 

Driving home thinking about it and laughing about it a little, I turned into my neighborhood, came to a stop at a 3 way stop. As I was about to turn left, someone to the right of me ignored the stop sign and blew on through almost hitting me. 

A little anger started to rise and then I let it go with a laugh thinking…..

“Nice stop, ASSHOLE!”

Should I chase him down and put a note on his window next time he parks?


Let it go

I’m better than that even though my parking  DOES suck!

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