Tuesday night, November 7, the voters in my US state of Michigan, voted to make Marijuana legal. No this does not mean that people can rush out to a drug store and get “pot” as I like to call marijuana (shorter name). I voted for it. I DO NOT SMOKE POT NOW but did long long ago in the past. 

This is stunning to me. That I would see something so vilified for so long but so harmless legalized in my state. I smoked it in high school and probably DID hurt my brain because I was so young. I smoked much of it back then. It was relatively cheap then. Inflation and time have made it very expensive to me. Even at 1971 prices I would be reluctant to. Buy it now. I look at the price of cigarettes and alcohol and think how expensive they are for things that do not last long. I had some good times with pot as a kid. Later I did some stupid things with the material and quit having anything to do with it. I realized too, I was spending too much time … stoned. 

I have nothing against pot. Just how some use it. I don’t like being around stoned people. Or drunks. If I want to hear stupid people I will just listen to old memories of myself in my mind. 

This whole legal marijuana thing is amazing to me. How for SO LONG it was illegal and now it will be legal. Great way to raise money in taxes for the state. People will be eager to buy the stuff and not care about the tax on it. Cigarettes and alcohol are taxed so this makes good sense. 

My boss will be a millionaire probably by 2022. He grows pot legally to sell for medicinal uses. He can expand his operations fast for this. 

The law will allow people to grow something like 12 plants for personal use. ONLY able to smoke it in their own homes not in public. I like that. People will be ticketed for using it while driving. It will at the same time create less work for the police. Allow them to focus on REAL crimes and criminals. It’s a win win. It is going to be good for the tourist industry and great for those that make snack foods 😉

There are going to be many new millionaires from this. My boss among them. It will kill the criminal need for it and put many out of business. Or the criminals will just go mainstream and be legit. Like the old prohibition days in the US. 

If we are all alive in 2 years, it will be strange to walk down the street smelling a lot of marijuana smoke coming out of many houses. LEGALLY.  

I think that IF I want to try it again, I will go to a shop and ask for something with a very low potency to it. Like the pot I smoked when I was a kid… 47 years ago. It was weak back then compared to the stuff now. Why would I want weak marijuana? Because I do not want to get very high. Just a little. Not fuuuucked uuuuuup like I did a lot of when I was a kid.  It would be nice to listen to classical music stoned. Ahhhh listening to an opera and grinning ear to ear…  how very cool.

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