I see advertisements for headphones and ear plugs that all have superior sound. They all have the best clearest sound. What the manufacturers do not consider is HOW MUCH OF WHAT IS PLAYED CAN BE HEARD.

Because most of us have some hearing loss.

I have worked in a factory for 41 years. The worst noise has been the screaming loud radios people have played. Heavy on bass. I am the only person that has worn ear protection every day. I often connect it to an iPod these days but try not to play the music very loud. At times I played a mix of music and white noise to block out the horrible loud music around me with the loud machines. It makes me wonder, how much hearing loss is there with my coworkers? When the music and machines are silent and they are talking, they talk LOUD so they can hear themselves. 

At times, people have noticed that after work I talk louder. Part of my problem is that I have tinnitus and as a result I have constant noise in my head. 

I often wonder how much of the sound around me I can truly HEAR. 

How much of the music can I hear?

What was music like to my ears when my hearing was better as a child?

Ah…. To hear with the ears of a child and the mind of a man!

People often play music loud and never think of how some day they will not be able to hear the leaves crunching under feet in autumn,

The snow falling softly on their winter coat

The sand whispering under  bare feet walking along the beach. 

What does a bird singing truly SOUND like?

What does the wind say when it passes your ears and sadly too late

You realize you damaged your ears too much

To hear the secrets it can whisper

The sound of the rain 

The sound of someone coming up behind you

We developed hearing as a survival mechanism and so many of us destroy that sense

As we destroy our eyes by staring into things never meant to be stared at

How much can I truly HEAR

And you?

What do you believe you can hear after torturing your ears and mind so long with noise?

I wonder… 

I wonder…

What is hidden behind my lesser than others hearing loss?

What are the men that shout to hear themselves after work missing in the simplest sounds around them?

If my mind is fading…

Do I shout inside 

To hear my own fading thoughts?

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