Dumbing Down And Control

I recently mentioned to a friend that foreign governments and our own people encouraging Americans to not believe in Vaccines to prevent disease and death are analogous to the ancient siege ways in which besiegers of a city would catapult diseased animals into a city to sicken and kill the population and make it easier to take over. 

Our own people are doing this NOW by dumbing down the populace. Encouraging them NOT to believe in science and things like global warming/climate change. For many rich and powerful this is good for them. Secures their positions and possessions. By weakening the population with Ignorance and Stupidity. Belief in the stupid. The world becomes less livable with millions stuck in poverty and weakened unable to show any opposition to the rich and powerful that encourage them to believe in the Stupid that sickens and kills them. 

Religion has been used this way for as long as humans believed in any gods. Keep the populace stupid and ignorant to control them. Just as denial of science does. 

Trump and company are NOT truly religious people but they try to ACT it. They are on board USING RELIGION to have more power. Making a MOCKERY of any good that is in religion and faith in any deity of good. They use SOME religious people to keep power and wield it – just as leaders of old. The religious will often fear or hate atheists/non believers but people like trump and their ilk are far worse than most atheists: They take on an ACT and MOCKERY of religion and piety whereas a true non believer will not and do good “for goodness sake” and have a moral compass and some code of honor. Trump does not. He is an insult to the true believers of religion. Just as many rulers of old. A game. 

Stupid beliefs and views are so much like catapulting diseased carcasses into besieged cities to kill and sicken many. The disease animals are the sick stupid ignorant beliefs that sicken, weaken, drive insane and kill the populace. 

What the GOP and trump are trying to do now to stay in power no matter what it may do to you and I and all people in the USA and planet. 

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