Older, Kinder

The wisdom of Age is to practice and learn to be kinder

More empathetic



Patient and accepting of others. 

I have a coworker that is mean angry old bastard. He is full of anger and has a short temper. I often compare myself to him and ask if I am like him in those ways.

No I am not.

I have had a choice to be and grow to be what I wanted to be. To be like this or that and I chose the road to kindness. Lovingkindness. Empathy. Compassion. 

My father was an angry hateful man in his old age. I have asked myself “is that how you want to be?”


I have realized I have a choice. 

A choice of what to PRACTICE TO BE. 

All we do is practice.

We repeat it willingly. 

We brain wash

We LIFE WASH and train our minds and selves to be this way or that way.

This ways and that ways of choice or…

Sometimes we just get too bent and broken in one position and stay there.

I realized I have a choice.

 I have always had a choice.

 When I was angry I had a choice to be angry or look for peace. 

When I was afraid I DID try to find a way to find peace and …

Afraid so much

My life’s mission became a mission to change to be peaceful 

To be a hunter for life of THAT WAY and THAT WAY OF BEING.

It was my choice.

Others could have but did not and they knew it. They made a conscious choice.

I don’t want to be an angry frightened hateful man.

If I could be young again,

I wouldn’t want to be an angry frightened youth again. 

I learned that for some of us it CAN be a choice. 

This old man chooses to love. 

To learn, practice and live love, kindness, empathy and compassion.

I have learned it is simple: As a choice, kindness FEELS better than anger or cruelty. It is liberating. It is so much more enjoyable to SMILE AND LAUGH and keep on practicing that with a free heart free laughing loving spirit …

Than that other opposite choice. 

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