A ghost don’t scare when you don’t believe in ghosts

Don’t believe in a supernatural

Don’t believe in any heaven or hell        or, 


Or Gods.

A ghost can scare

When you see it in the shadows

Then look in it’s face

A sociopath

A psychopath

A human monster without conscience

A ghost monster in the flesh.

A ghost monster in the flesh can scare me

Imagining how slow

How horribly 

How painfully it can kill

Prolong the agony


Sacrilege to living body and mind

How horribly

It can torture and slay the ego

All we were 


And believe we will be remembered for 

Or were

Or were not


Perhaps to make us disappear 

As if were never born 

Or lived

Anonymous in some unknown shallow grave.

Yes I believe in ghosts

Real ghost monsters clothed in human flesh

Surrounding a horror inside without conscience

Ghost monsters we see every day

But don’t see 

Or let themselves be seen…

Hiding in their darkness


Leaving it to surround us inside with that darkness. 

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