He hung himself on his front porch

Broad daylight

Car passing

People walking past

Nobody noticed the body hanging from the porch roof

Nobody heard the man gasping

The rope creaking.

Nobody saw

Or maybe wanted to be the person that admitted they saw

But dared not care.

After the body of the man was cut down

The cars passed

People walked past

They all heard it in the air hanging under the porch,

A man gasping 

(Or was it the wind?)

A rope creaking

(Or was it a nearby tree?)

As they passed where the body had hung writhing under the rope

Something they did not see,

They saw it in their minds

Deep down inside

A vision 

They lied about not seeing

Gnawing at where conscience might once have been

A sound 

Sawing at their consciousness

As they passed where they had not seen

A man hanging

And now

Inside forever seeing


A man 

Hanging deep inside themselves. 

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