Reflections On Facebook

I was recently one of the 30 million or so Facebook users that got hacked. I noticed it due to some odd things in my account. Suspicious, I ran a check and found some device not mine was watching. At first I changed my password then on reflection, canceled /put a DELETE on the account.

Then started a new one.

As of this writing, no friends on the “friend” list. 

I have thought about that whole “friend list” thing. 

I take it seriously. I live in wonder at how people can have a list of over 10 friends. Myself included. It demeans and makes a mockery of that whole word, “friend”. What ARE those HUNDREDS of people or names on some “friend” lists? They cannot be “friends”. Or perhaps that is what some think of friends as being: People they do not know on a list as a small image of a face or something else. 





Wall papers of faces on a page on the internet?

Who do you TALK to ?

Who do you trust?

Who do you feel you can turn to and open up to on that … “Friend” list? #317 or #42? Right: They are no numbers but names and faces. 


Facebook encourages people to show themselves.

Some let it all out it seems but that is often only a projection. 

Some are so hate filled.



Preaching … happiness … materialism… a way to live…



I got caught up in the political posting thing. It becomes to me a sick ugly thing. Ego. Anxiety and anger. Snarky humor.


Return and return to “Ego”. 

The Face Of Our Egos social networking site.

Frail ?





Loving and kind

Confused and searching?

Probably all of the above. 

Again I return to that whole “Friend list” thing. 


What do we mean to them?

Do we give a person on our “friend” list our attention or just have them as window dressings for our egos? Do they MEAN ANYTHING TO US IN OUR REAL LIVES? Do we think of them, care about them their lives in relation to our own?

I believe that NOW with a new Facebook account I will be sure to ONLY add or seek out those that have MEANING to me … and I to Them. 

That to me is what REAL Friendship is about: MEANING AND CONNECTION. 



Being there for them and they for me. 

Being in lives

A part of me 

A part of them. 

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