The only real cause of death is that 

We stop breathing. 

To breathe we need to move

No matter how diseased, injured, crippled or scarred we are

We need to move 

To breath

To expand

Compress the lungs

To move 

Another inhalation

Another inch

Another mile

Another moment

Another year.

We are all diseased, injured, crippled and scarred

No matter:

We keep on moving

Drawing breath




And as we move we look around us and see Others

Diseased, injured, crippled and scarred

And if we can

While moving

Struggling to breathe forward, 

We can reach out to those others


“Keep breathing

Keep moving

With my motion 

My breath

I will help you

To breath

To move

Just another moment

Another year

Another life time

Until our lungs stop exhaling


And not moving…

We die

But dying, 

We did reach out past our disease, injury, handicaps and scarring

To help others

To simply move

Draw breath

And in moving…

Continue to live just a little longer 

Until that last breath. 

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