Some people wonder why I find it hard to hate haters.

Because I know that Hate



And so many other destructive emotions

All have a parent

A parent named, “FEAR”. 

Hate is borne of Fear


Another child.

Those filled with hate are to me fearful children

No matter how big

How bad

How badass

They are as adults monstrous enlargements of 

Frightened children first crying

Then lashing out with anger

Then violence.

Adults with so much in common with frightened children

Children they often look and sound like AS adults. 

I was once a scared child but only cried much

I never learned to be constantly angry as some. 

I never went THERE with my fear.

I cleaned the fear off with tears

Then later fits of panic that never converted to anger


Or rage. 

I never let that parent rule me

That parent of Fear 

That births the anger hate and rage. 

When I squint the eyes of emotional perception, 

At times I can, 

For a moment,

SEE an angry hateful adult 

As the child they once were

And ARE… somewhere very deep inside.

An innocent child

Probably a very lonely frightened child

THAT CHILD I look to

Embrace with a moment of emotional perception

And that momentary embrace,

Save me from poisoning myself with hate for Them.

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