The sickest most monstrous people in our lives 

Our world,

Are those mentally ill that try to hide it

Hide from it in Denial

Defensive fights against seeing it

Knowing it

Acknowledging it. 

They point at others 

They pointed at me for decades of my life





Because I

Because WE 



And seek help for 

The live with 

Our mental illness,



While they

The sickest 

Practice their sickness in the darkness of Denial inside

Growing a monster they hide

Pointing at others around them


Removing all eyes 

But not suspicions 

Of themselves.

They are the weakest

The most cowardly among us.

They will not face and know that monster in their own darkness

That sometimes comes out

Unleashed by Denial

Attacking those “sick” around them

Beating them with the labels of their ridicule

Beating them



With their ever worsening



Hidden sickness.

I can look inside and situationally KNOW AND ACCEPT my life long monster

See it in the light of my day mind

accept it

Learn it

Know it 

Try for a life time to try to heal it 

With compassion for that part of myself

Healing with open-ness


And humility.

My facing of

theraping of  my mental illness makes me stronger

I have

You have

WE have

The COURAGE to do all this

To face the monster

Monsters in our labyrinths

While others

Hide it

Hide their monsters

Growing them in their darkness

Their lies to themselves

Denials of suspicions by others…

(Until eventually the hidden rises

Consuming the guardian host in Denial

And becomes the Person

A monster of hidden mental illness).

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