I was thinking tonight about a difficult relationship I have had with someone. It has been painful and yet I cling to it. 

The more we cling to something painful

 the more it hurts us. 

I know that life is impermanence

The more we fight against that fact of life

The more madness and pain we bring ourselves

And sometimes others.

We rage

We fight

We madness against what is so real

So natural 

That it hurts us… not wanting to let it go. 


Change is a law of life


Wanting any kind of relationship to remain the same

With man 





Any and all social environments, 

Creates pain.

Holding on as the Other slips away 

But it is not THEM 

Or Life situations that cause us pain

Me pain,

It is I


That Cling 

And Madness against impermanence 


Against Change. 

Learning to not grasp

To touch all 

As a Childs fingers dance in the wind,

We find a joining 

A peace 

Because we are with the Impermanence

Joyfully free 


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