I am a 63 year old white male with ONLY BARELY a high school education. For over 41 years I have worked jobs (saw mill and factory) in which getting cut, bruised, battered, sweating much and filthy happens weekly and daily. Not a week goes by that I do not find myself limping and wincing from pain. It’s a living. The work is often considered very “MANLY”. You cut off a limb and gruffly say, “shit … it’s only a scratch!”

What I do not understand is how any blue collar middle class or poor WHITE person or any other shade of skin person that prides themselves on being a bit tough can support or even LIKE a fat prissy old man that has the body language of a SISSY. He has a voice that would normally make tough guys cringe, laugh and ridicule him for being a PUSSY. I can SEE that trump has never worked a day in his life. Never sweated unless it was during sex. He has never suffered nor known privation of any kind and yet people in my socio economic group SUPPORT HIM! He does not have a single scar or callous on his hands. My hands have no calluses because they have been worn off from work. If you have ever been around genuine real TOUGH MEN you know that they do not talk a lot of tough guy shit. That is what the sniveling big mouthed ass kicked wimp in high school did and does. “Tough guys” as so many think trump is, do not talk a lot of shit. If they are going to kick some ass they just jump in and DO IT. They don’t try to menace a woman by stalking her and trying to scare her during a debate as they sniffle from a bad case of sissyitis. They just go in and get shit done. In a fight, working or relationships. That is not trump. I just don’t get it how anyone can support a person that men that work the hard jobs would call a… “PUSSY”. 

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