I Don’t Believe In Karma Anymore

I don’t believe in Karma or

What goes around comes around.

It’s wishful thinking.

Like a belief in an afterlife.

Comforting thoughts that the sonofabitch at work will receive the same shit he or she dishes out all the time. 

Comforting wishful thoughts that toxic people will drowned in their own poison. 

But you see very realistically, 

It rarely happens.

It’s like GOD.

Like an afterlife.


A lawful universe.

A life made of universal laws we can rely on.

There are none.

The holocaust killed millions and yes those that killed them eventually DID die. Many were executed but that just happens with criminals. 


Many times they DO get away.

Unsolved murders.

Murderers that get short sentences then go on to do more damage.



What goes around comes around?

If not that what then?

If religion is all magical wishful thinking that is bullshit what then do we have?

We have love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, empathy. 

The traits that are the positive side of being human. 

WE live it and create OUR life with it.

Don’t expect some reward for it.

Being the highest we can be as humans with lives based on love, nurturing, growing and good is the best we can do. It is active. It is not sitting on your ass waiting for some karmic miracle to kill the sonofabitch at work or school or political office.

It’s up to us… 

The only magic there is is that what WE make of our lives… 1 kindness one loving action after another without expecting the world to give us a cookie for it. 

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