There are Universal Nerves that run through us all

All Humanity


Some are deeper than others


Like tree roots rolling across the earth

Are near the surface

It is for US to see and feel those near our senses

To feel more human

More alive

In love



And Pain

SHARED with all Humanity

And deeper

As the deeper nerves are,

SHARED with all LIFE. 

The Universal Nerves are EMPATHETIC pathways to our simplest Salvation

Connecting us with all around us

All that are 


And shall be.

All LIFE that IS


And will be.

Reaching for,

Lightly touching if not fully connecting

We become the closest thing to the gods we so yearn for

When we touch 


The Universal Nerves within

Connecting ALL LIFE.

Connecting us

Reassuring us at least,

We are not alone

In anything we may think 



Or Live.

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