Went in to work today ready to push around 400 pieces of yard long rough hickory sticks through a shaping machine. 4 heads of a few blades. Hickory about wrist circumference. Wax on the ends used to keep it from drying out. Bad for the machine getting a grip on it. VERY dusty. Had a fan blowing on it. Had to use a 3 pound hammer to pound the wood through the machine. Push with whole body using guts, hips, thighs and yeah all my arms. A full body torture. At times screaming at it. Gave me more adrenaline. At one point, hit a little finger bruising it. Freak accident in that one blade hit a knot or something and blew the piece back at me into my hand. Nothing broken. I continue to knock on wood. Finished the job after 2 hours. Went to see my boss to take the rest of the day off. Told him I was a mass of pain and did the same job at 36 as I now do at 63 just more pain. He told me he has a cream you can put on your skin to kill the pain. I wanted to tell him how totally FUCKING STUPID THAT IS! Yeah. Sure. Body gets battered and bruised. Tear my joints up and this person thinks some TOPICAL OINTMENT WILL HEAL ME? I wanted to tell him I have a magical wand up my ass I can pull out and make things right. Wanted to say hey sure let me use it on my nuts because they are hurting too. He joked about my going back to work. He offered me a donut. I told him I am fasting. Shit! I drooled. Good boy. Went home sneezing and blowing from the damned dust. Took a Benadryl that put me out. If my hands are hurting so much how can I write this?


Age is a bitch but beats the alternative. When I was born I knew I had to sign on for the whole life thing. No dying early and missing the big ending show. 

Nah. But that sounds cool.

Give me a couple days and since nothing torn or broken, go back to it and not give the boss a lecture about how topical crap will not heal the abused flesh under the skin or raise the dead. Hmmmm idea for a movie: Use his ointment on a corpse … Nope! Does not raise the dead! 

Went shopping a few items. Drove using arms at times. Cursed the idea I had of getting a car with a stick. Saw blueberries on sale. Bought 2 pounds. My conure loves them. Told the girl at the check out how the owner of my company gave me a cantaloupe this week. I told him I would share it with my bird. He got freaky weird anxious angry and said, “NO! DON’T LET YOUR BIRD EAT THAT MELON!” (Like, the whole thing) I told him no my bird eats a lot but cannot eat a whole fucking melon. Maybe if he was a CONDOR he could. Maybe he thought I said I bought a CONDOR? YEP! Going to share my food with my pet CONDOR. Conure/Condor? Slight difference. 

Ok so much for now… I see the bird eating crumbled pancake. Nutritious stuff. 

Oh I did show him the melon. Scared the pancake out of him. 

Nope… guess no eating a whole melon for him….


Pancake eater. NOT whole melon eater 😉IMG_0116

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