In some primitive societies witchcraft is alive and well. NOT that anyone actually practices it but the ACCUSATIONS OF SUCH are the “witchcraft” involved. Women are accused of this or that and then stoned beaten and burned alive. As are some men. The accusations are trumped-up or made-up accusations that get people killed. Someone wants to get rid of someone or is jealous of someone and so they make such false accusations about it. 

NOW we have this in the USA. 

It was once something extremely fringe but now it is mainstream in the right wing of USA society. Instead of being witches people are accused of being pedophiles. It is the worst sort of crime. Second to that is rape but that is a primarily a man thing in a male dominated society and so many men get a pass – although much progress has been made in that regard. 

When ANYONE is accused of a crime no matter how wild the accusation is, there is a question in the back of the minds of some about no matter how innocent that person is thought to be and how good and decent MAYBE… MAYBE they did it?

In our society, things can escalate so that instead of clubs, pitch forks, axes and machetes, people go to the internet and troll with great malice. Expanding and energizing the accusations which become similar to beating someone and setting them aflame…

Like in more primitive societies. 

I have to wonder how far from those other primitive societies we are now. SO FAR we have not had public hangings, stoning’s and beatings. We just do it on the internet. 

How long before the modern technological converges with the more primitive of say… New Guinea?

DECADES past someone made wild accusations against me for a crime. A crime that I did not commit. I went to the police and did all they asked me to do. I was eventually exonerated in that the whole thing just fizzled into obscurity. Yet for all the time of that ordeal, I wondered how many people wondered IF I had done what I was accused of. If I WAS some secret this or that? What was I hiding? I was hiding nothing. I was open about all giving evidence of innocence. It worked in my favor yet I felt although I had unanimous support from family and coworkers, there were shadows of doubt in the backs of people’s minds. 

Was I possibly a witch?

See how it works?

Accusations. Whispers. Seeds of doubt then louder accusations and a gang and mob forms in a small village or a monstrous village of the internet.

(Yeah you were wondering here. No there was nothing sexual in what I was accused of. That person still owes me a huge apology but they do not have the courage and decency to give it. All we can do is learn from it not be like those people. Rise above it.)

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