In the past 2 weeks I have been watching Ken Burns, THE VIETNAM WAR on Netflix. Every time I see those poor bastards out in the field fighting, getting wounded, traumatized in so many ways and dying, I am reminded of how trump got out with bone spurs and shit luck to have been born with a silver spoon up his ass. I wonder whose name replace HIS name on THE WALL? Has that piece of shit ever thought of it? 

I doubt it.

My childhood and teen years were the late 50’s, 1960’s and early 70’s. FORTUNATELY the was was winding down as I was graduating high school. I BARELY made it. Terrible student back then. The draft was a lottery and I was not chosen that year. Family was relieved. I was not fully aware of it except for seeing VIETNAM on the TV news every night for MOST OF MY YOUTH! Watching the documentary brings back memories. Yeah I have some vague memories of THAT photo. THAT bit of war footage. The body counts that counted as success or failure. Images of dead, wounded and dying. Vietnamese left homeless by the American burning of their homes. Peace protests. My dad had an office at the University of Michigan over looking “the Diag” – a main place where there were many student protests. He grew-up in the Depression and missed-out on WWII service because of hockey ruined knees. He TRIED to join ALL branches of the service. The whole Vietnam war thing was confusing to him as I vaguely recall. Those damned long haired students! Many of them HIS students. Many got out of service through Student Deferments. 

HAD I been drafted I would have HAD to serve. Sure, my dad was a professor at a University. I was nothing. Shit grades in school. No job skills. NOT a rich family. Yeah I would have HAD to serve. The Vietnam war had a horribly disproportionate number of minorities and poor whites doing the fighting and dying.

And then … you had chicken shit like trump. Trump that loves military action and nukes. Trump that wears a damned military style jacket at times. Trump that is so big on military action and threats and … whose name is on THE WALL instead of HIS? His supporters might argue that GOD saved him for a greater purpose. I will argue that there is no “god” and that that sonofabitch was just lucky and chicken shit to avoid service. He has not SERVED his country. The good economy (like much of his life wealth) has been an inheritance. He blunders along trying to DESTROY the USA and world every day. Past leaders BUILT the USA and PEOPLE and this stupid crazy sonofabitch just wants to see it burn and the only thing he wants to build is a FUCKING WALL ON OUR SOUTH BORDER!

I remember the anti-war protests. I remember the cracked heads the blood flowing. The PASSION AND CONVICTION of the protestors. There were those FOR the war that protested against them calling them, “Commies”. THEY thought the war was about saving the world from Communism. As it turns out, Economics killed much of Communism. We did not have the gadgets the cell phones and the growing police state we have now. We had TV but people did not sit ALL THE TIME as I see so many SEEMING to do NOW. I wonder IF Americans can rise up against and fight the trump regime and bring it down. The past protests changed the USA. THE BOOMERS. NOT those corrupt sonsabitches in power now. The youth of that time. NOT the Koch brothers. The often more common Boomers and their parents. I wonder if Americans will cower in fear and APATHY as things get worse and worse. Who wants to be the first to get their head busted or be willing to die for A CAUSE of bringing down trump? Sounds painful… back to my cell phone youtube videos…

I have been getting a refresher course in the Ken Burns VIETNAM Documentary on Richard Nixon. Sick laugh when I hear the supporters of trump talk about “crooked Hillary”. Trump is more like Nixon than any politician in history. To his credit, Nixon was genuinely smart and in a perverse way genuinely patriotic – when not drunk on his ass being pure fucking stupid and crazy.  There is no patriotism in trump. No good. No BUILDER. Nothing brave or courageous. 

I think of that WALL of names. THE VIETNAM MEMORIAL. Every one of those PEOPLE that are now name on a wall had the potential to be far better leaders than COWARD TRUMP. 

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