Thursday there was a localized storm that knocked out power in a path through my area. My house was one affected by it. Oddly, this happens often. It makes me feel like I am living in a 3rd world country. Oh the power is out AGAIN. This time, TH0USANDS without power. For me it was only 24 hours. I took a day off and cleaned out my refrigerator. It gave me plenty of time to reflect on life without electric.

It was my normal fasting day of the week. No big problem with NOT eating because of that one day fasting time. I was ready to go 2 days until the power came on. I had water so that was no problem. If you have water to drink then you are in good shape. EASY to live without food a few days. It is healthy. 

In my day without power, I thought about the joys of so many simple things we take for granted. “Simple” to us Americans, such as TV, internet service, hot water and cooking. We enter a room and as we enter it, we touch something on the wall and LIGHT APPEARS! Wow! 

After 24 hours the power came back on. I was napping, saving my energy when I heard the refrigerator come to life. IT’S ALIVE! THOUSANDS OF OTHER HOMES COMING TO LIFE! This area was fortunate no heat wave. I imagined how horrible without air conditioning had there been a heat wave. 5 minutes after the power came on, I was driving to my local grocery store. The power had been out there but put back online 12 hours earlier. I had gone there for groceries Thursday but they were shockingly closed due to a power outage. On the way home, I had to SLOWLY CREEP through traffic intersections with dead lights. People trying to take turns going through the intersections and hoping others would be courteous. I remember looking at 1 woman in the right hand lane at 1 intersection. Grim faced, white knuckled. Scared. I could see her RELIEVED as we made it through the intersection safely. Thursday night and Friday I could hear sirens approaching THAT intersection near my home. Some were overly impatient and just ran the intersection and hit someone. 

 I went back to the grocery store on  Friday and the place was fully functional. NORMAL. No food shortages in that huge store. That amazed me. They had been able to save their food with generators. I felt greedy buying the simple foods I eat weekly. I bought ice cream and thought with horror, “what happens if the power goes out again?” No storms near for a while. I thought of how wonderful I CAN have that delicious fattening bad for my health concoction of ice cream. How wonderful this abundance in this grocery store and the thousands like it all over the USA. So much ELECTRICITY POWERING IT ALL. Electricity so many just accept as part of life as they enter a dark room and it suddenly burns bright with electric light. 

It has been less than 150 years we have had electricity powering nations. It seems such a short time. So much we have compared to others. Many would be totally lost without their damned cell phones. I thought of this as I used a special battery to power mine a few times. 

It has made me wonder: What happens when the power goes out a LONG time? I recall how years ago much of the mid west USA was blacked out for nearly a week. I recall how QUIET it was but also a sense of deep helplessness about it all. Our lives are powerless without the electrical grid. All that another nation needs to do to destroy or cripple the USA IS to interrupt the power supply to a nation. We fall back to simpler more intimately brutal times. Primitive times. Times without power most of us in the USA are not prepared for. We were not raised that way. Most of us. We hunt and forage in grocery stores and the internet shops now. Yes, most of us would be fairly helpless. I can feel it in that 24 hours without power. I can imagine it in all those people feverishly looking for some place to charge a cell phone to watch … cat videos on youtube. 

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