Offerings To Minor Gods

With reverence

I eat part of an apple 

Open the front door of my house and toss it on the lawn,

I know a God will eat it,

Some time.

With humor

I take what food I do not eat

Lay it on the ground under a tree

Or knowing it will decay

I give it to the earth

To a tree

To some minor Gods that need my Reverence

My nurturing offerings

Whatever humble gifts I have

I have 

I offer to Minor gods



Many limbed


I offer to Minor Gods,

Minor gifts of life. 

Placing a bowl of water under a tree

I invite their thirst quenching

Their unconditional blessing of life

My offering of what gives life. 

I don’t want to pet you

Befriend you

Expect or want anything of you.

My reward is the feeling inside

I gave some small thing

I did some small thing

That will continue a life 

And thus to me,

An offering To Minor Gods

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