Dressing Inside, For Death

Second by second

Minute by minute



By Year, 

I am dressing inside, for death.

Thought by thought

Word by word by 

Action deeds 


Sin by sin



Threads on a framework of a life

Some brightly colored

Some dull to ugly

Some sweet 

Some bitter

Some delicious and

Some … a toxic stained thread fabric I would pray to remove if only there was a God. 

I Am Dressing, For Death

A constant evolving growing patchwork

Reworking of fabrics from past present and anticipated futures

Dressing, For Death

This fine ugly heavily used constantly changing suit

Yet every day now

Working the fabric so that when death comes

Inside I am dressed in MY PERSONAL FINEST

To face death by complete surprise

Or reverent


Acquiescent          acceptance….

(Oh Death

Look upon this suit inside the Flesh

As you pick the flesh from my bones,

See the suit of all I was and am

The fabrics

The threads of all I am and … Was. 

Ahhhh Death

Enjoy this fine suit!

Now add it to the fabrics of your wardrobe with my … Humility)

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