I think that the Left is on a nostalgia trip about Obama that is Unrealistic in these times. We want a hero and he cannot BE that hero due to the etiquette and tradition restraints of the Ex Presidents Club. A big rule of that Club is to not talk shit about the present president. Totally not cool and so it neuters that whole hero thing. You hear Obama in his speeches and you want him to be the Knight that comes to save the country.
The Ex Presidents Club does not allow it.
Every time he gives a public speech millions on the left hold their breath waiting for the hero to come out and save us.
Big exhale of frustration.
Retired. Has a life to live NOT being a hero. Inspiration ? Yeah sure. NOT a warrior now. A very cautious tactful private citizen that has to be cool because he is a member of that exclusive small club of the Ex Presidents.
He is a short time ago now nostalgia trip for many.
Not a super man now.
If we are looking for Heroes and SuperMenWomen, we need to look around us for the bold wild horses that can say anything without the constraints put on so many current and ex politicians. Or current politicians that have the courage and will to be open and honest and face the winds that may create that will blow against their face… possibly our new face.

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