Every Being that enters our lives is a teacher to us of who WE are.

An ant we crush or ignore. 

The same, a spider. 

A rabbit we kill or help grow a patch of sweet grass for. 

A cruel person we forgive and offer compassion to.

A sick person we reach for to help,

Instead of shying away loathing them

And fearing some contagion. 

Every encounter with another person is a classroom of learning

About who WE are

What WE are about

Are we the greedy one

The angry frightened one

The cruel one

Or are we the generous

The brave and loving one 



A giver 

Or a Taker?

What lesson of our Selves is reflected in our words

Our actions 

To this person 

That Being

That organism

Or even that memory of another?

We are the students that grow from the smile we see in the face of another

Appreciating how WE WERE TO THEM

We learn

If wise,

We change

To become the reason for a sincere smile

Or the trusting momentary stay of some smaller life form near us

A bird that pauses to be in the tree near us

A stray animal that moves toward us and not away.

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