There are words that are new to my ancient mind and ass these past decades. One of them is, “unsee”. It crops up a lot. I wish I could Unsee it after I see it.

“Unsee”. It’s another puzzling expression to me. It means you HAVE TO LOOK AT what someone says you CANNOT UNSEE so you can decide wether or not. I guess it’s something horrible like being a kid and opening your parents bedroom door and SEEING something you want to remove from your mind. Unfortunately for my parents, I think after ME they never had sex again. They SAW me and decided celibacy or something was better than another ONE OF THOSE! Now I vaguely recall some bowel movements people left without toilet paper on them in toilets that I WAS able to UNSEE because well nature takes it’s course of healing. SOME PTSD you can get over some you cannot. Then again I DO still remember the one giant evidence of the MAD CRAPPER at work years ago. When I happen to stumble on it in memory I just think, “oh I saw a giant black football many years ago”.

Hey if you found that amusing… you are welcome!

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